Sep 24, 2010


Aitui's free "Mechaweb" skull tat, which trails along the jawline in a most unique way, inspired me to put together this ugly-pretty look today.
A half-shaved Lamb hair was a 'natch to display this jaw-cradling tat. Other recent finds like this free hoodie by Gawk, some free 2-tone tights by Sassy + these new, ridic fun sneakers by 2Real completed this parkour-ready look. See how I'm all tippytoes on the rails here. Hee.
Here's a beauty shot of those sneaks. As always with 2Real, a supereasy HUD lets you trick out every conceivable section with your own custom colors. *mwuahs 2Real Okelli*
Love seeing tats in such unique places on the body. Balded love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who thinks neck tats are one of the. smexiest. things that guys can wear)


Skull tattoo: Aitui - AITUI TATTOO - Biomech Web - Make Him Over Hunt (find orange male symbol sign; buy for $0L) - free
Sneakers: 2Real - 2REAL_DIAGONAL_COLORABLE (new!)
Skin: Tres Blah @ D unlimited 18 at SLOW - -tb- {Light} Space Mod - Light Winged Brows (new!)
air: Lamb - !lamb. Glass Candy - Pale
Hoodie: Gawk - Gawk! Blue Hoodie Jacket A Upper & Lower - Make Him Over Hunt (find orange male symbol sign; buy for $0L) - free
Sassy - ~Sassy!~ Idol Group Gift - sky/black - group gift (join group for $0L; touch box) - free
Tattoo: XWD - Half Body - ACE OF SPADES - Undershirt - Dark/Tint - Make Him Over Hunt (find orange male symbol sign; buy for $0L) - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Fairy Eyes - Ash
Redgrave - Eyelashes -11- Showgirl
Nails: Miasnow - MIASNOW Nails - RED DARK glossy (buy "demo" box for $0L near nail display on 2nd floor; this demo is a non-prim "gloves" layer that you can wear as a normal nail) - free
Solo standing pose: Everglow- Make Him Over Hunt gift (find orange male symbol sign; buy for $0L) - free
Couples pose: Diesel Works - Embrace (buy near entrance for
$0L) - free