Sep 18, 2010

Slouchy Saturday

A super casual mash-up look for you today, inspired by this $1L floaty peach chiffon top by SYSY + this free runny mascara skin by My Ugly Dorothy.
A free Posh hat hair, some free Sigma jewelry + these adorable free "ankle lace" sandals by Ribbon (which were so cute, I almost got over my Fear of Non-Prim Feets, at least momentarily) fit my dressed-down weekend mood.

Lazie weekend love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really likes to slouch around on all days)


Skin: My Ugly Dorothy - *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Luckyskin(Blacktears2) - lucky board prize (join group for $0L to touch boards; 9 skin lucky boards here!) - free
Hair: Posh @ Hair Fair 2010 - (Posh) ; Beat ; Latte -
Sandals + lace ankle cuffs: Ribbon - *RibboN*Lace_Bu-san(LB) 1 - lucky board prize -
Peach tank top: SYSY @ Nederpoort - SYSY's Nederpoort exclusive-Gatcha top peachy (buy sign outside store) -
Pink bangles: Sigma - ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Bubble bangles (rose) SW Hunt Prize (
find/buy grayish silver spinning apple for $0L; HINT: this basket of apples seems incomplete somehow!) - free
Earrings: Sigma - ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Clare earrings (silver)~ (buy small gift box near main landing point; additional gifts for
$20L nearby) - $1L
Beads neacklace: Sigma - ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Summer bead necklace (pink) - Mornin' Sunshine Hunt (buy toast slice for
$0L; HINT: what's for breakfast?) - free
Tattoo lashes (2 sets worn; these worn as a tattoo layer underneath for a fuller effect): Adam n Eve - Painted Eyelashes (Gift) - buy mascara at the standalone "Makeup Counter" when you enter store for $0L - free
Prim lashes: Glow Studio - [ glow ] studio - Bolder. eyelashes - She
Eyes: Curio @ Hair Fair 2010 - Tragic Eyes - 3D (Shine) Large -
Belt: Boof - *Boof* (Blk) Exploring Belt (Female)
- previously free
Mini spaceships tattoo: Nestle My Bosom - FTLO - #23 [nestle my bosom] - ftlo hunt gift tattoo (this hunt is over, but you can still buy blue robot set out on the 2nd floor for $0L) - free
Cigarette: Persona - PERSONA cigarette solo (mouth) - buy sign for
$0L near other freebies - free

~ღ~And now a quick RL fashion tidbit to my RL fashion-obsessed readers (for anyone who's interested): So in my own RL designer happenings, I just took a "deskside" meeting yesterday with the Jewelry Editor of a front rack fashion/celebrity news magazine, to show her my RL jewelry designs (I do this from time to time for my jewelry line, with various fashion magazines). We had a li'l chat about Fashion Week just ending (really, 2 weeks here in NYC) + her (very insider) takeaway trends for Spring 2011 (for any non-Fashion Week folk, all the shows now were showing looks for Spring 2011) were as follows:

- Slouchy, high-waisted long pants. '70s revival. You have to wear "with a super high heel." (Personally I really hate these).
- Knee-length or tea-length (mid-calf) skirts. (So not the most flattering for shorter people btw).
- For right now (Fall 2010), camel is THE color for Fall. (Very excited that my too adorables furry camel purse is in again).
- For Spring 2011, a light "sky" blue + some pretty neutrals were showing. The bright orange thing (which appeared on a few runways during Fashion Week) is hopefully like, whatever.

"Of course," said this lovely Editor, "we will have to wait to see what happens on the European runways to know all the trends for sure." I just luhs getting the inside tips, so just thought I'd share! XD xoxo