Sep 18, 2010

SteamPunk Party

Dear Slexy's,

You are all invited to Steampunk Party on Sunday 19th Sept @3pm(slt) In the Art Coup & Kunstgalerie.
Dj Ms. Dynamarmite will be spinning.
Please come appropriately dressed.

The subculture of steampunk involves a revamp of the victorian age. Within steampunk there is clothing, art, literature, and music, among other things, and all are typically filled with machanics fuelled by steam, and extravagant dirigibles. It truly is a classic age mixed with fantasy.

Steampunk can be found even in the fashion industry, and it’s becoming a major hit. There’s lots of classic steampunk designs that integrate cogs and gears into the clothing lines of various designers. More specifically, the cosplay scene has been taking in the steampunk trend and helping it grow! There are many groups of steampunk cosplayers out there who design clothing that include modified victorian antiques. They sometimes portray themselves as victorian socialites, but more often as adventurers, pirates, or explorers. These cosplay outfits include steampunk goggles, decorated coats, and top hats, sometimes even ray guns! Steampunk is highly supported by the do-it-yourself community since most steampunk accessories are hand made. The rayguns are very popular because they are made from simple Nerf or Airsoft guns. There are a few steampunks out there who have the skill to make things out of wood and metal, without modifying things that already exist.

Sometimes there’s a lot of steampunk influence found in music. There is no definitive steampunk genre, only pre-existing genres with steampunk influence, which include electronic, rock, and hip hop, among others. In steampunk rock you can heard dark and heavy beats reminiscint of industrial music, along with a gretty guitar. Sometimes even a hint of folk. Abney Park, self proclaimed steampunk band, were once an industrial band. Not only is their music influenced by steampunk, but their stage personas, clothing, and even instruments are steampunk modified. There’s also a few hip hop artists out there like Dr. Steel. Steampunk hip hop incorporates lyrics that depict the life of a mad scientist, or a post apocalyptic world, but always have a deep up beat bass. The beats are often heavy hitting.

Hope to see you all there for a steampunkingly fab time
xxxx Rene