Jan 12, 2010

Hucci Mama

Anyone who reads this blog knows that /me has had a long passionate luhs affair with creator Eboni Khan's work for Hucci. There's something about her clothes that lets us females feel suuupersexy yet kinda badass at the same time. (Plus this fashionista's got some junk in her trunk + I do appreciate how Eboni's fashions always suit us booty gals).
Hucci's lovely "Glitterfly" dress is debuting at the Hucci mainstore tonight + Eboni kindly passed me a review copy to show you all. This is such a pretty, girlish number -- and particularly easy to wear since if (like Eboni observes) you get a bit tired of adjusting prim skirts. Plus I love how this "snug" loose skirt is such a great alternative to the traditional miniskirt.
For my frugalistas, I wanted to show this pretty new free hair by Beauty Salon Cri-Cri (thanks Lisamun for helping me find this thing in the store)! Isn't this long, asymmetrical bangs style pretty? You get a pop-up menu to choose between the included fatpack of colors too.
I've been parading around the grid in another Hucci creation -- this casual cool "Tasha" hoodie minidress, with a slung-back hoodie that sits just below the nape of the neck + a V-neck zip-up front. This kind of sexy, relaxed look is so my style. I was actually wearing a 'kerchief in RL last night (bad hair day) so felt inspired to slip on this free hair by Kitsune (who's having a cool $19L hair sale right now, for anyone who hasn't yet done a drive-by).
Isn't this "Ruby Tears 2" necklace divine? I just finished doing a "Style Diary" profile (which I blogged yesterday here) on Donna Flora when creator Squinternet Larnia passed me the LM to her new Donna Flora store: Donna Flora Bonin (which is now open, yayers!) This spectacular red, pink and gold necklace, featuring ruby briolette droplets "dripping" from the neckline, is truly magnificent. I luhs that you can wear it with either red or pink too!
For all my frugalistas, Eboni regularly gives out free gift cards via her subscribo, so if you haven't yet tapped it, you should definitely do so (she just sent out another $100L one yesterday -- which I actually didn't get only 'cuz my NCs + IMs cap out like every minute, LOL).

Need to add some personal shouts since today was like SL love day for moi:

G -- you rock my world. And not just for your Italian translations, hee hee.
-- I really die over your jewels + frocks.
-- you are like my mad bootylicious scientist dream come true.
-- you Just. Rock. Hard.
LisaMun -- my sista from another mutha. /me adores you!

Head to Hucci today to check out Eboni Khan's awes styles! *mwuahs to Gavin + Eboni + Squinternet + Marg + LisaMun*

Hoochie mama (everyone remembers this throwback phrase, right?) love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who luhs to be called a "hoochie mama" any day)

Red hoodie dress: Hucci - Tasha dress Hoodie - Red
Hair: Kitsune - Hanky - Platinum Plus - free

Pink dress: Hucci - Glitterfly - Pink (debuting tonight!)
Short black headband hair: Hair Oh - Oh My Ramen - BL
Long black hair: Beauty Salon Cri-Cri - CriCri-gST01-all color - free

For both looks:

Necklace + earrings: Donna Flora - Ruby Tears 2
Skin: Oceane's - Leona_Honey_BoudoirBeige_CLHW
Boots: BAX Prestige black
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L

All poses by: Striking Poses - free or $1L


Pacey said...

Junk in the trunk rules LOL!!!!!!!!!

A. Denja said...

Love your choice of hair and skin Tesh. Great post!!!!

I remember "hoochymama" hee hee hee

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

ohh lovely pics as always Tesh!!!!And you're most welcome regarding the hair LOL

Tesh said...

so glad you like ladies!! thank you so much for reading!!

LisaMun - awwws u da bomb!! :O) xoxo

Gavin said...

You look amazing in all of your Hucci outfits. Thank you Tesh, you rock my world too. Not just my fashion world. :)
I had to do the translations for you to make up for being late to the ballroom.

Tesh said...

awwww thanks G hehe :O)

*huuuge hug*

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