Jan 16, 2010

Feets First

Quickie post to show you 3 reasons why you should so totally do the Shoes & Accessories Hunt. These beauties are all free + just require a li'l hunting.

The pink girlie girl in me just. died. when I saw these shimmery beauties by one of my favie shoe stores, R2. From the tiny pink bow in the back of the ankles to the beautifully wrinkled textures (I luhs the "full bright" glow on these; there's also an option to wear them without it), these superfun platform booties are just go-go dancer glam on crack. Free!
These next killer chic boots by Courtisane are just bursting with details: a long, trailing white ruffle running down 1 side; a buckled mini-pocket + a tiny little measuring tape on the other (!) + a tapered stitched silver stripe running down the middle. There's also a cool horizontal stripey texture running thruout too. I kinda like that these are a low heel -- it somehow makes them edgier. I just had to show you all sides. Aren't they fabby? Free!
This last pair of pretty kitten heels can be found at the beautiful new Donna Flora store + there's oodles of details in these. The curling metal detail is so exquisite on these bejeweled bronze ankle cuffs + on the pretty T-strap. Plus the color combo of alternating round brown gems with turquoise-colored jewels is just amazing. It's feets jewelry fo' sho. Free!
I'm way too impatient to do hunts from start to finish (but seem to always end up hitting all the stores anyway) so I'm sure there'll be more on this awes hunt later. Stay tuned.

Footsies fashionista love + kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who still runs for good shoes + hair)


Pink boots: R2 - "Anela" Cherry - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift #73 - free
White knee-length boots: Courtisane - Marie Lu White - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift #52 - free
Brass anklet black pumps: Donna Flora - Rita - Shoes & Accessories Hunt gift #105 - free


Kellie said...

O.o SHOES! Luuuuuv it, can't wait for this hunt now!

Sileny said...

/me humps your legs

Tesh said...

heeelp Cap'n Bacon Pizza cooties!! *wipes off leg*

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