Jan 25, 2010

Attack of the Awwws . . . . (+ the Craziest Home Giveaway Ever?)

You can always tell that Valentine's Day is around the corner when hearts + bears + chocolate + [insert commercially viable "WUV" stuff here] start popping up around every corner. -- But you know what? That's okay. 'Cuz I'm a girlie-girl + every so often, an Attack of the Awwws is just fine by me. Hee.

Here's some recent stuffs I thought was le kyooot and/or worth a laff quietly to oneself -- nearly all free:

Free "Love bite" tattoo by Stellar. What I like about this thing is that it erm, begs for a story behind wearing it. -- For example, I could easily say here: Do you see how a certain someone manhandles me? *giggles*
Free cream-colored hoodie at Nodari @ Cheesecake with little strawberries + whipped cream tucked into the hood (by 1 of my favie skybox designers, Jordan Giant). So handy for when you need some quick refreshment!
Free kiss mark by Bee Make that gives off floaty pink hearts to the wearer. The lipstick mark is a nice bright red, so there's no mistaking the WUV aspect. Somehow Gavin managed to make this girlie-wirly thing look a smidge macho.
$10L blow-up "AFK" doll box that you wear, by Ol'Dirty Bastard's Paw. You get 2 verisons for $10L (this is one of them). *immature giggles*
Free dressers + furniture featuring cute teddys trying to crawl out + over, by HomeStyle Tia (associated with the Gabriel clothing brand). See how these li'l guys can be such troublemakers? Awww.
There's more free teddy dressers located inside the model homes on the grass (you can "Buy" a copy of those for $0L).
This next find isn't so much Awww -- more like awww-esome! This fantastic free home (note: not skybox -- home!) comes courtesy of the 2 lucky chairs set out by HomeStyle Tia (the same creator as the teddy dressers above). --This gorgeous house sits on stilts, so it begs to be rezzed over a coastline or a beach. See how fitting it looks on top of the water?
Here's a peek at the marble floor + stairway inside (the home has 2 levels).
This thing comes with horizontal blinds, inset glass tile panels, "X" wire detailing on the windows + even a back deck on the upper level.
So totally one of those ridic awes gifts where you're scratching your head like "Um this is free? How/why/huh?"
Other really nice homes start here at an eminently reasonable $200L. As Gavin observed, even if you already own a home, there's something about this lucky chair gift that feels very tropical/coastal. So for the low price of . . . free, it's great to pick one up + have as a possible vacation home at the ready.

Finally, check out this (non-free) "scented sexy spray" by Joke Factory. These are the same creators that did that crazy "refrigerator monster" (i.e., the fridge that licked you with a giant tongue, rolled around + then spit you out in a daze). Here's how this particular li'l device works:

You wear it. You scent yourself with its oh-so-sweet smelling spray. A poofy pink mist envelops the other person.
Such other person promptly becomes totally enamored of you.
A little dance ensues.
You stand aloof as they get all misty-eyed over you.
Spray, mist + repeat.Now here's the real question: when can somebody invent this stuff in RL?

There's still another 2+ weeks before Valentine's Day so stay tuned -- I'm sure this is just the beginning of all the Kyootsie-Wootsie, especially with the oodles of hunts starting on the 1st.

Awww-shucks love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who really needs to stop saying awww)

PS. Quick FYI to my much-beloved SLexy Fashionista readers: I've been invited to join the kickass Free*Style blogging crew + will be dropping posts on that particularly awes site in addition to this one. The primary focus at Free*Style are free or $1L items; here on SLexy Fashionista, we'll continue to show our usual mix of freebies + non-freebies, stories + image pictorials.

The idea is to show different blog posts on either site (so what you read here, you can't read there + vice versa). If you like reading my posts here, you can check out my 1st Free*Style post at this link here. So basically, now there's another place where you can catch my "fashion nut"-iness (as my ever-to the point gf Rene puts it).

*Huge mwuahs* to all of you for your continued support -- it means more than I can say.

Neck hickey: Stellar - Love Bite neck tattoo (buy small square on top right of desk for $0L) - free
Whipped cream hoodie: Nodari @ Cheesecake - Cheesecake Hoody -
Face kiss mark: Bee Make - kiss mark -
AFK blow-up doll box: Ol'Dirty Bastard's Paw - Blow Up Doll AFK Box (2 versions; buy box on ground in front of MM board) - $10L
Love spray w/ animation: Joke Factory - Scented Sexy Spray - $250L
Teddy dressers: HomeStyle Tia (set out next to lucky chairs; additional
free dressers available inside the model homes) - free
Wooden deck home: HomeStyle Tia - lucky chair gift -


Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh hickey tattoo!!!!!! This is why I like this blog, thank you Tesh!!!!!! Alexandra

Gavin said...

I love your new post. I laugh everytime you use the spray. Even after the 50th time while shooting. LOL

I wonder who gave you that love bite. Oh and the shade of lipstick on my cheek looks very familiar.

Anonymous said...

Haha Gavins OMG OMG OMG face made me LOL. I'm now going to go get the spray and spray it at people and be like "now fall in love with me!" hehe.


Tesh said...

Hey G. You REALLY perfected that little dance! *gives gold star*

Tesh said...

Alexandra - wow thanks so much for your comment!! So glad you like :O)

Tesh said...

Hey Rhia :O) Yeah, we really sprayed the hell outta poor G. It's ok, he liked it. Or at least, the spray made him like it. LOL

Anonymous said...

You are writting about free home from lucky chairs but I have been at this land and I can't find it. Could you tell me where is this home and how can I get it?

Tesh said...

Hi Anonymous - the sLURL provided above was working at the time of this post. If it's no longer there, the gift might have been removed by the creator, since I posted this over a week ago . . . . :( Sorry!! xoxo

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