Jan 17, 2010

Top O' the Mornin' to You (and You . . . and You . . . and You . . . )

Some of us need a li'l more than a cuppa joe + some wimpy toast to get us going in the morning. For those who require a tad more stimulation in the AM, Juice offers the tast-eee flavors of . . . your friends.

but yes. A total of 10 friends can come + chillax with you on this delightfully wacky morning meal. How much actual nom nom-ing actually gets accomplished -- well, that might be another matter.
Some of these utterly bananas poses include the "Spoon Stomp" (our lovely gf Monte Teardrop rockin' that particular pose here, in the center) while animal creator extraordinaire Xiant Hax demonstrates the ewwws "Itchy Bum" pose.

Beware the dreaded soggy avi, which our friend Sileny Noel demonstrates here by doing le faceplant. -- Lemme tellya, the little dude pouring the milk could hardly keep steady, he was so focused on her ummm, semi-submerged parts. *giggles*
Our other buds who graciously donated their yummehs avis as part of our cereal meal included fellow blogger Kamille Kelberry and her friend Luc4s Saenz; Famish foodstuffs creator Whisper Despres; the adorable Marla Button; Ms. Freebie Fashionista herself, Margaux DuFaux; and of course, the too-cool-for-school Gavin McGinnis, showin' his "Coffeegrinder" hipswing at the spoon tip. ('Scuze these blurry images, my computer was freakin' out -- likely from all the cereal madness).

Here's our fellow fashionista Eden Knoller rockin' the "Milk Cart Supermodel." She got milk + she ain't afraid ta use it. Go girlie!

You get your choice of 2 versions of this crazy bowl: a whopping 54 prim version (shown here) + a smaller, 39 prim bowl (that's slightly different), both of which you can snag for free at the Juice lucky toilets.

Cereal bowl: Juice - Cerial Bowl Hangout 54 prim (different 39 prim version also available) - lucky toilet prize - free

Now if you are certain grrrowly man-lion, even some friend-fortified cereal simply won't cut it in the AM. When you need something a bit more substantive, head over to Hanauta for a stack o' these hot buttered pancakes. For a mere $120L, you get a whole flippin' stack (your choice of a shortstack or a tallstack) that double as chairs, with some supercute poses baked in.

Check out this unequal pancake situation here. Gavin + I started with the same size stack. He ate rather quickly. Moi on the other hand -- see how I'm taking my ladylike time here?
Awwws, only a shortstack left! *sad face* All that melted butter dripping off the sides was tres tasty too.
Unfortunately, the whole syrup situation wasn't so great for the fashionz (my dress was super sticky the rest of the day).
Pancake tall stack chair : Hanauta - Hotcake Tower (10 prims, 10 poses) - $120L
Pancake shortstack chair: Hanauta - Hotcake Chair (1 prims, 2 sits) -

Make sure to check out Sileny's superfun food blog here, where I'll be re-posting all this cereal bowl + panckes silliness (as soon as I can reformat these pix). Lotsa hellasgood treats to be gobbled up there for all of us greedy SL foodsters.

Bleary-eyed AM love + fashionista kisses to all!
Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who can't get any day started without a strooong cuppa kawfees)


Adric Antfarm said...

It's one thing to push items we can buy, but to tease one we cannot have unless we camp in a store forever is just a bit much.

I think we would all like a good bath in cereal but this is hours of being traffic dummies for someone with total time uncertain as the prizes change meaning the correct alignment of letter and prize for any one avatar is not something you should gloss over at the end of talking about the fun -- it should of been the headline.


Tesh said...

Adric -- 2 words for ya. Lighten. Up. This blog post showed a fun item that you can win for free -- if your letter or a wildcard comes up.

It's also worth noting that the point of this blog is NOT to show a shopping list. It's to show fun items and ideas and stories.

That being said, if what you want is a straight-up freebies list, you are welcome to contact me in-world and I will gladly pass you my weekly freebies shopping list -- something I compile every week for free, btw. This is a comprehensive list of great freebies each week in SL, for which you neither need to neither camp nor wait for via lucky board -- just take.

It's also worth adding that no store or creator "owes" you anything and in your post, there seems to be a lot of (misplaced?) anger at lucky boards, which generously gift us.

Kinda like how the very process of blogging, photographing items, working on images, AND writing for this blog also takes time and energy -- AND comes free to you as well. Just a thought.

And for the record, this blog doesn't "push" anything. We blog what we like and what strikes us as worth covering. We hardly get paid for any of the time or energy it takes.

Thanks for reading. These comments REALLY make it all feel worthwhile. LOL.

Anonymous said...


Eden Knoller said...

I don't get your deal Adric. It's a fun item and we had a good time helping Tesh do the shots. Give it a break.. geez.

Xiant said...

OMG! just completely cutesy awesomeness here XD

....and there I go.. rubbin my bum on the milk carton XD

Violet Batriani said...

Another amazing post Tesh. I don’t know how you do it. The right amount of sugar and spice and everything nice that keeps me coming back. whether it be these goofy posts the just make me feel good and giggle, or the serious rockin outfits you show that I need to run out and grab for myself.

I’m glad I picked up not 1 but 2 ( that’s TWO! ) of these babies last I Was there!


Gavin said...

Tesh you are an amazing blogger. I have kept up with your posts from the very beginning. This was a fun shoot to do with you and the cereal bowl is well worth the wait at the lucky toilet.
I was soo hungry and you wouldnt let me have any of your pancakes GRRRRR.
Keep up the amazing work Tesh.

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

hey Tesh,that was a great post, as always!! This one made me laugh(my first laugh of the day LOL)--it was soooooooooo goofy and cute!!! hugsssss!

Tesh said...

Hey guys -- awwww thank you so much . . . /me hearts you all!! :O))) I really LOL'ed at your some of your comments above, hee hee.

G -- you can have ALL the pancakes next time at that store -- I'm going for those pink cookie chairs + tables that we bought instead, they looked yummies!! *noms noms*


Dorothy said...

Free Time+Nothing to do on SL=Hangout at a Lucky Board. If you win great, if not, no big deal, nobody is asking you to stand around forever. Tesh is 100% right, lighten up! Her blog often features items available through Lucky Boards and nobody seems to have a problem with that. I for one really enjoyed the post. I lurv Tesh times a million giant bowls filled with Fruit Loops and Cap'n Crunch!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the lucky boards, don't do the lucky boards.

I very much enjoy the finds on this blog and will defanitely continue reading it. Tesh please ignore this kind of very rude comments (maybe you have too much time on your hands, 1st commenter?????)


Tesh said...

Hey Dorothy + Vania - thanks for taking the time to comment!! /me loves you guys!! :O)

Thanks for pointing out that lucky boards are fun -- no matter what strange anger management issues some people clearly have!! LOL


Anonymous said...

I have a group of men/women who either work in SL or are educators and have limited time outside of their professional lives to shop for freebies/sales/hunts. Part of my job is to find things for them and direct them to the great deals in SL. I go, find the item, check it for quality and value and then do a notice to my group.

I sent a notice about an item similar to this - a bowl of tomato soup I believe - and my group loved it. So from time to time, I will slip in a fun item for them.

I had not read your blog until someone pointed it out to me. The bowl looked like a great photo op so I headed over. I waited...and waited...and then realized that not only would my group have to wait for the letter of their first name to come up, but they'd have to wait for the right prize to come up with the letter! My group doesn't have that kind of time to spend shopping. Even if it is for free and totally a blast to pose on. So I left.

I often send out a list of blogs for my group to read if they want. If one of them saw this and decided to spend their time waiting for the fates to align properly for the bowl, that's their business. But mine is to make sure the majority of the group gets the best deals in SL with the least amount of wasted shopping time.

Freebies/dollarbies/hunts/lucky chairs/Midnight Madness - all are tools to get us into the shops to see what a designer can do. I love them all and have found many many designers that I go back to for non sale items. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to create quality goods in SL and the time it takes to do a photo shoot for a blog. But it is NOT clear from the blog that the amount of time required to get the item might be more than a 15 minute wait. I'm not slamming you at all. Just giving you my opinion. Happy blogging! Thanks for all you do.

Tesh said...

Hi there Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and also for reading this blog.

I am sorry that you felt that the fact that this cereal bowl was a lucky toilet prize was somehow unclear. -- I have to say that I am a little unsure what else I could have done to make this clearer except -- well, state that this is a lucky toilet gift -- which I did immediately after providing both the precise name of this item and prior to providing the sLURL above. (This is noted before the word "free" so I'm not quite sure how you missed it).

Your detailed description of being surprised regarding the need to wait for your letter to be called indicates (to me) that the lucky boards prize process is a new one to you. While this can certainly be frustrating, again, because there is simply no obligation whatsoever for any creator or store owner to gift anything to us, most of us find this to be fun and a (non-guaranteed) chance at receiving a gift. You can alternatively nearly always purchase the item if you don't feel like standing around.

It's not the purpose of this blog to explain to every reader what the lucky boards prize process is or what such devices are. Because these devices are so prevalent thruout SL (certainly not just for fashion), I'm just not compelled to explain how they work in my posts here.

Despite the fact that you were unwilling to give your name, I would encourage you to feel free to contact me in-world since as mentioned above, I compile an exhaustive freebies list (with detailed descriptions) which I am happy to pass to you, which is focused on fashion but often which includes other items that could be useful for your group (based on your description of the tomato soup item above). Lucky board items are not included in this list; they are items that are all free or $1L. :o)

Thanks again for reading!


PS. Dear readers - I'm closing out comments on this post since I just dont have time to deal with any more comments on what was purely intended to be a fun, unusual item and has frankly become a bit of a headache. Sorry in advance to anyone else who found this post to be angst-worthy -- 'cuz you know what? Now I know EXACTLY how you feel.


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