Jan 27, 2010

Holy $1L Homestuffs Sale, Batman!

Sometimes even us frugalistas come across something that we're like, "No way!" And then we're like, "Get outta my way!"

PopArt Furniture is having one of those. It's a crazie sale where you can scoop supercute furniture (many with animations) + other lovely homestuffs for the whopping price of $1L. Check out what you can score at this dollarbie sale:

An entire kitchen (in 2 parts, each part for $1L each). Strangely, the nondescript microwave (shown below on the far right hand side) is inexplicably priced at $40L. LOL.
This pretty wall of double sinks, towels, mirrors + a little plant is $1L. The running water on the sinks is tres cute. There's oversized bathtubs nearby too, also priced at $1L each.
Cute beds (with sex animations included) are $1L each. Here's 2 of several styles thruout the store. The little white square/cube "poufe" chairs are seperate (you get 2 for $1L); there's 2 sit animations included (one being a particularly cute, arms-in-front stretching animation).
The layout of this store is also kinda cute, with furniture, lighting + smaller things assembled in a homey way. In the setups like this one, typically the rug, paintings, lamp, etc. will be priced out separately (i.e., each item will set you back $1L).
There's also $1L retro photo cube frames, lamps + even a super-adorable stack of books (with a mug of steaming hot tea!) How great would this be near a bookshelf or on a table, or even on the floor?
Nice art like this can be found on the walls for the $1L plucking.I just really liked this plant. Especially for $1L. Hee hee.
2 of my fave things here are this cute panda anime art montage (sorry that a lamp was somewhat in the way when I shot this) + this white granite fireplace with marble texturing -- each for $1L.
How adorable is this $1L shelving unit packed with towels, storage bins + baby stuff? The wooden box of Johnsons & Johnsons on top is sold separately at $1L. I scooped this despite the fact that I don't have the faintest idea what I'm going to do with it. LOL.
If you walk outside the store, you'll find this elegant outdoor pool ($1L), which you can buy with or without the deck ($1L) + additional poolside furniture (the vase, outdoor chaise, and chairs are $1L each). How relaxing is this?
An outdoor BBQ/kitchen, complete with open-flame oven, is next to the pool ($1L); barstools are an additional $1L each.
There's even an entire modern white home for -- you guessed it, $1L. (The home itself is $1L; sofa is $1L; the framed art is $1L). Gavin particularly noticed the modern shower big enough for 2 upstairs (which comes with the house). Heh.
*NOTE: I did find a few random items scattered thruout this store that were not $1L -- so if dollarbie shopping is your plan, make sure you price-check everything before hitting "Buy." (These were one-off, single items like a flowers vase, a modern art painting, the microwave mentioned above, etc.).

Also, most of these items appeared to be not copyable, but transferable (i.e., if you want 2 of something, you need to get 2 -- clearly no biggie at these prices). I found that most single items appeared to hover around 10-15 prims; some smaller stuff, even less. Not too shabby for us prim hogs short on prim count.

Special thanks to KawaiiNicole Piers + her wonderful blog, where I first read about this crazie sale. No idea how long this sale is lasting so if you like any of this stuff, scoot yo'self on ovah!

Your taxi: PopArt Furniture

Dollarbie l
ove + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who quite possibly got every single thing at this crazie sale)


Blake said...

This is my heaven.....for dollarbees....Thank You Tesh!

Gavin said...

Tesh this is an amazing post. Everything there looked great and was a great price.

You caught me napping on one of the display couches. LOL

Tesh said...

Awww thanks guys! This sale was amazing to scoop some superfun stuffs.

G - you had a nice lil nappy-poo. Heh heh

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