Jan 15, 2010


I've been showing lotsa pretty girlie-girl looks in recent posts so now it's high time to switch gears for some casual cool looks. Plus I've been missing my frugalistas lately, so from skin to shoes, these looks are either cheapies or gifties (a few exceptions are noted here + in the Styling Credits).
Check out this free puffy nylon black vest from Minutes to Midnight. If you join the group for $10L, this + oodles of other free gifties are waiting to be scooped in the "Notices" tab. (When I was there this week there were other $1L + $5L gifts on a table too). I'm also wearing the new free black turtleneck by Luxurious World. The textures on it are really nice + I adore the cute 2-button detail on the collar. The free thick black leather belt gift from Coco was such a 'nach with this snug jeans look (how cute is this Hello Kitty stencil detail)?
My pretty headband hair in this lovely red color comes free, courtesy of the Liriope lucky board. Make sure to scoop the other freebies here too -- especially the suuupercute sage green flower hat hair too (which includes a gorges golden-brown hair just peeking out of it). The cute 8-ball hand tattoo was a cheapie that I scooped at This Way for a mere $25L.
I was tres impressed with Michi Fhang's Fhang Candy skins that I previously blogged here, so I went back to the store to see if there were any gifties that I missed. Sure enough, I had somehow overlooked this free orange makeup pale skin (to get it, buy the Halloween pumpkin in the center of the store for $0L). -- I don't usually wear such a pale tone, but this pretty skin was such a 'natch with this hair color. (The previously blogged tan "glowy" $10L skins are still out for the taking as well).

This next chillax look is a combo of the fabby $1L white denim button-down shirt by Gabriel (this is their gift in honor of Men's Fashion Week) + a cute black denim miniskirt available at Kanival Tattoo (there's tons of other gifties there too like leggings, tattoos + other free or $1L goodies). The black shearling boots are the free monthly gift at SF Designs, which I thought capped off this casual look. (These are for men but they are so editable for us ladies).
Check out this exceptionally-detailed, all-over hearts tattoo that's free from Kanival. I so appreciate it when you get your choice of different stengths of ink too (I like to switch up between the dark + the faded strengths, depending on my look). You can get it from their lucky "dance stands" (instead of lucky chair); once your letter comes up, you do a celebratory li'l jig *giggles*. The "?" here shows up as the "@" sign instead, which actually comes up quite often -- something you notice if you happen to have a tres tempermental letter like moi.

These hot-t-t-t cuffs bracelets by Zaara are neither new nor free, but some of my all-time faves. Check out this absolutely crazy detail. Both wrists offer a different series of floral prints too. This chunky intermix of floral brocade textures, large chunky beads + tiny "strung" thin cuffs is just pitch-perfect. So something I would buy in RL! Here's a closer look at that 8-ball hand tat too.
Isn't this side bun updo hair adorable? The colors fatpack is free in the Kitsune Couture subscribo. The whole bun thing is not always my style, but I find this swirly, tilted updo tres modern + cute.
This last dress is just one of many cute free finds at the Wink*l store, where everything is 100% free -- including the red rug on the 1st floor. This petite mint-green tie is unmistakably girlie + the silver studded "swirls" detail adds extra funness to this retro style. There's some cute tops here + upstairs you can snag more stuffs like free piercings, a free "dirty" couch + even a free gas station! Isn't the useless stuff the best? Fun times.
This cutesy bob hair is the free cute January group gift from AY.LinE + the little hairpins on the side are color-change too. You get 2 head sizes included with a mini-color fatpack.

Finally, check out this lush li'l patch of spring heaven. This pretty "meadow" patch includes tiny flitting butterflies + flower blooms tucked into the grass blades. There's also an 8-sit double-bench (it faces both ways), additional lounging poses on the grass itself (for at least 3 friends), a pretty green hanging lamp (you can spy it on the right) + a drop-dead gorges wooden "frame" veranda with crawling ivy. Isn't it tres dreamy?
This thing is so great for prim hogs too: this whole scene, with all of these lovely details, is a scant 11 prims! You can purchase this meadow scene for $10L on XStreet here.
Special thanks to my superawes SLexy Fashionista homies Gavin McGinnis, DreamAngel Larnia + Margaux Dufaux for lending their SLexy selves to our "meadow scene" shoot. (A very special thanks goes to Marg for helping me get that crazygood photo studio set up, LOL!)

Freeloader love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who fully supports freeloading of any kind)

Black vest: Minutes to Midnight - [M2M] Gift Nylon Puff Vest - group gift (*NOTE: now $10L to join group; look in Notices tab) - free
Black sweater: Luxurious World - LW - Winter Subscriber Unisex Gift - subscribo gift - free
Hello Kitty jeans: Pretty Fashion - Pretty Girl - (buy red heart on the wall for $0L) - free
Belt: COCO - *COCO*_gift-belt - group gift - free
Boots: BAX Prestige black
8-ball hand tattoo: This Way!/Redskull - 8Ball Nails (worn as gloves) - $25L
Hair: Liriope - ANT raspberry - lucky board gift -
Skin: Fhang Candy - [FC] - Sakura//Halloween/FhangCandy (buy orange pumpkin for $0L) - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

White button-down shirt: Gabriel @ KMADD Events - GB::DenimShirt White - Menswear Fashion Week 2010 gift (until 1/16/10 only) - $1L
Jean miniskirt: Kanival Tattoo - Denim Skirt - group gift - free
Black shearling boots: SF Design - winter shearling boots - black - free
Bracelets: Zaara - Indra painted stacked bangles *silver*
Heart body tattoo: Kanival Tattoo - 90. Heart 2 - lucky dance gift - free
Hair: Kitsune Couture - :KC: Hair - Petite - Chestnut (fatpack included) - subscribo gift - free
Skin: Oceane's Body Shop - Leona_Fudge_Minty Mystic_CLHW - free
Eyes: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Dress: Wink*l - Shiny Skirt Green Outfit - free *NOTE: this entire store is free!
Socks: Mischief - ***MIS*** November Group Freebie - Sage - subscribo gift (in subscribo "History" ; still available) - free
Heels: Lelutka - Saffron Pumps - former group gift - previously free
Earrings: U&R Dogs - L'Isle joyeuse Pierce Earring - 10-min group camping gift - free
Heart body tattoo: Kanival Tattoo - 90. Heart 2 - lucky dance gift - free
Hair: AY.LinE - Group gift January - Poplar[[Cocoa]]/Head size 60 - group gift - free
Skin: Oceane's Body Shop - Leona_Fudge_Minty Mystic_CLHW - free
Eyes: Silhouette - Evergreen - previous $1L gift
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes


Nieves said...

I like these pictures so much. The meadow is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Luuuuuve these looks..........TYSM for telling us about the OCEANES skin!!!!!! ITS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LisaMun Aronowicz said...

love the pics Tesh, especially the meadow! But omg, I didn't know you already blogged about that black sweater! Looks like we think alike LOL!!Guess we better check with each other first(grin)..xxxx

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