Jun 26, 2011

Laundry Day

Mah girl Anya Ohmai's $1L slouchy pants + the latest free tank by Kyoot provided the perfect loungewear to do my laundry chores in today. -- I wasn't expecting these free li'l fuzzballs to come out and play, but they really liked the smell of my new detergent + kept sniffing it.
Chores day love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always has way too many chores)


Skin: Pink Fuel - [PF] Elly - Candied (ltbrow/freck) *mwuahs Mochi Milena*
Slouchy pants: !Ohmai - Jersey Harem Pants - !O: Jersey Harem Pants [Too Worn] -
Tank top: Kyoot - Last Thread Tank - Blue - buy square near landing point for
$0L - free
Fuzzball shoulder pet: Zanzo @ SL8B - Susuwatari Soot Sprite Pet - buy square on bottom shelf near exit for
$0L - free
Necklace: PsychoTroPia - PsychoFlowerNecklace in Green [ LB Edition ] - lucky board prize -
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - Pro Boots - Bordeaux (gift available for subscribers already in subscribo for 15 days or longer; if you aren't currently a subscriber, click today + return 15 days later to get gift) -
Belt: Gos - Cinch-Belt in Pink -
Laundry machines (w/ dryer machine animation) + ironing board: Crackberry - Laundry Room - TOSLH #08-Crackberry (find/buy blue plate guy for
$0L) - free
Laundry piles: The Loft- m.fox (LP)- Linens (creator Miabella Foxley) -
previously free
Hair: Tiny Bird - Sodom South Georgia - Sandy Blonde (store closed; creator
Autumn Hykova)
Cigarette: Persona - PERSONA cigarette solo (mouth) (creator
Myllie Writer) - free