Jun 8, 2011

And Another Thing You Never Knew You Really Really Needed

Did you know that you really really need a cupcake-patterned, pink plastic swimming pool? With a dollop o' cream as the "umbrella" + floating cherry (with 2 more cherries on top)? Well, now you do.
This li'l beauty is free on the Just Desserts hunt at the bakery on the Chanimations SIM (located fairly close to the landing point; hit the lucky cupcake for more gifties too).

Usually cupcakes + bathing suits don't quite go together. Only in SL love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Pool: Cupcakes & Poetry - ::C&P:: Cupcake Swimming Pool (Just Desserts Hunt) (strawberry) - Just Desserts Hunt (find/buy cupcake for $0L; HINT: Mmmm prim foodz window shopping!) - free