Nov 24, 2009

Free Casual Mood by dEVOL (Jeans Included)

If you are like me and you get a special tingle whenever you get a free bit o' awesomeness from a MM board, scoot on over to Kaori Masala's dEVOL store, where the MM board is giving away these too-cool denim jeans free for group members. (Head downstairs + tap the sign to join the dEVOL group for $0L). Love how this dark blue-black denim plays against the lighter champange-colored wash. (I just checked + these jeans were on 23/55 as of the time of this post, so there's still time to grab 'em today!)
Aren't these scrummy? So great for your casual mood, yet this edgy fade says "Don't eff with me, I'm a badazz shopper." Perfect to get in the proper mindset for all the upcoming madness this Black Friday. Hee.

Here I am practicing my "ZOMG I HAD MY HANDS ON THOSE JEANS FIRST!" stretch. It's like fashionista yoga. It's all about method.
I paired this look with big baseball cap hair from Mirai Style (isn't it way fun?) + a casual tank from Alegria Designs, which caught my eye for its saturated, rich cherry red color. The yummeh candy cane mouth treat is included in the naughty ruffled undies $1L gift from Torrify. (I find that having minty-fresh breath really gives you the upper hand when telling off another crazed shopper).
Big bronze statement jewelry (new from Dark Mouse) completed this look. Check out how the ornate metalwork of this jewelry totally offsets the simplicity of this outfit.
Here's a back shot of these fabby jeans (notice how they're not ass-crackingly low). Here I'm standing next to my fave Christmas tree ever -- the sad little Charlie Brown one. Fair warning: this thing is over 50 prims. But hey, who wouldn't sacrifice a few pieces of furniture/prim count for such adorableness? Plus it's a total steal on XStreet for only $50L.
Btw here's where not to put a candy cane on other shoppers, no matter how frustrated you get.
I was checking out Pixel Mode's stunning new farmland SIM when I stumbled upon some rockin' poses. Any photogs with some spare $L should totally do a drive-by (the poses are located in the back of Pixel Mode's main building). I scooped a few, but there's lots of unusually sexy ones to be found (particularly in the laying down/sitting positions).
I won this free fabulously messy hair several times from the various MM boards by Alli & Ali + really liked this bed-tousled style with this casual look. This strawberry blonde hair color is so vibrant + totally shows how hair itself can be the most eye-catching accesory. Yes body parts as accessories! Works for me!
This little guy hiding on my shoulder is part of the free Snowflake Hunt gift (which includes a fur cap + fur bolero jacket) from B&T Atelier. Poor teddy was kinda shy (for some reason Gavin made him nervous) so I think he enjoyed peeking out occasionally from behind my long curtain of hair.
My best advice I can give this week to fellow shoppers: keep it cas (style-wise and mood-wise) and most importantly of all, remember to keep up your strength. Shopping can be such cardio -- all that necessary pushing + shoving can really work those arm muscles.

Speaking of which, me + my $L are so ready for this week's craziest $50L Fridays ever (45+ designers? Or more? Oh noes! Oh yes!) And I haven't even started on RL holidays yet!

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would totally wait in line at 3 AM for a good deal, Black Friday or not)


Jeans: dEVOL - Jeans01 Rollup (Flare also included) - MM board gift for group members ($0L to join group) - free
Tank top: Alegria Designs - Nipple Tank Top Red 1
Dark Mouse - Wild Leaves Necklace
Dark Mouse - Wild Leaves Bangles
Baseball cap hair: Mirai Style - AraB (Coffee)
Long messy hair: Alli & Ali - "Slept Longer" hair - Copper Light and Black - MM board gifts (NOTE: this brand's MM boards are located in many locations; these 2 colors came from a fatpack I won this week) - free
"Power Doll" tummy tattoo: I>3 Rien - "Power Doll" - lucky board gift - previously free
Shoes: Kalnins - Dragoness (color change)
Skin: Curio - GP:Sundust Frex [Light] Beach-Black Pearl 2
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Azur (Large Iris) - $30L
Teddy bear shoulder pet: B&T Atelier - Snowflake Hunt gift (includes fur bolero jacket + fur hat; buy snowflake on tree @ store entrance for $0L) - free
Mouth candy cane: Torrify - Christmas Gift (included with ruffled panties gift) - $1L
Nose candy cane: StinkEye @ Winterstock - Holiday Gift - free
Charlie Brown Christmas tree: Wicked Resistance - purchase on XStreet here - $50L
Poses by: Pixel Mode,
Long Awkward Pose and Flowey


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