Nov 8, 2009

Christmas in Leather, With Discerning Reindeer

I realize that it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but as everyone knows, the end of Halloween signals . . . the next commercially viable holiday! Today BluestarRUI Villota sent out a notice about the new Love*Soul Christmas store, which turned out to be an enchanting place. Fluttering snowflakes, button-eyed reindeer, $1L gifts . . . what better way to leap (early) onto the inevitable holiday bandwagon?
This black strappy leather jacket might not be traditional winter gear, but it's sure smexeh. It was also free courtesy of Luna's Boutique's MM board. This group-only MM board changes often + the count is typically very low (like, 20) so there's guaranteed quality time with Lag Monster every time you go. So totally worth it tho'. Love the asymmetrical buckles straps going across the bodice + waist.
These black satin ballet platforms at Maitreya called my name. When I saw them, I was all, Homina homina homina come to mama. (Fashionistas -- you know what I'm talkin' about). These were a 'natch with the ballerina lace-up ribbon socks from Noju, which come with a pretty 3-D shadowing effect.
Here I am with my new reindeer friends. I tried a sexy pose or two, but they were just too cool for school. I suppose if you're a Santa's reindeer, you've pretty much seen it all. I mean nothing seemed to faze these guys. Even my booty pose left them totally unaffected.
I did blow them a kiss or two tho'. You can't tell here, but they really warmed up a lot after that.
I must've won them over 'cuz they even let me hold their babies. Twins! Teeny golden bells! Cheek blush that goes over fur! Awwww. *faints, dies*
My new reindeer bff Rudy even let me hop on for a li'l flying ride. Here I was trying out a coupla riding positions. Unfortunately when it comes right down to it, there's no easy way to rock a fashion pose on a moving reindeer.
My new reindeer crew wanted to meet some of my human friends, so 2 of my fave people on the grid, Gavin McGinnis + Dorothy Button, dropped in for some sleigh posing action. How gorgi does Dorothy look in this furry snow princess hat? She slays the smexeh glasses look like no other.
On the other hand, this is moi in glasses. Not quite as hot, eh? And these were some really cute ones that my friend Linda Mensing found for only $15L too. Gavin suggested I wear them whenever I need to pretend to stay awake. Perfect for RL conference calls.
Speaking of holidays, I must've skipped Thanksgiving in here somewhere, so I'm off in search of yummie mouth treat 'noms. Watch for my upcoming food-themed posts on Sileny's foodstuffs blog here.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always procrastinates her Christmas shopping, every year)

Leather jacket: Luna's Boutique - Mad Shirt - MM board gift - free
Striped capris: Hyper Culture - M&M capri - part of the Mix & Mingle Hunt gift - previously free
Shoes: Maitreya - ChiChi Pumps - Black Velvet1
Lace-up socks: Noju - Laceup Socks (Smoky Pink)
Gloves: Indyra Originals - Fairfield Prep driving gloves - from Fairfield Prep Candy Apple Schoolgirl outfit
Cuffs bracelets: LP Design - Disco Bracelets - lucky chair gift - free
Hoops earrings: U&R Dogs - I'Isle Joyeuse Pierced Earring- 10-minute camping gift - free
"T" initial charm necklace: Fairy Tail - Initial Necklace (T) - in-store diamond hunt gift - free
Reindeer babies: Love*Soul - Reindeer doll brown (cream colored shoulder pet also available) - $1L
Flying reindeer: Love*Soul - Flying Reindeer (brown) (cream colored flying pet also available) - $80L
Funny glasses: Duboo - Otaku glasses - $15L
Hair: Truth - Hannah (Treacle)
Curio - Sundust Frex [Dark] Vixen-Forest2
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Azur) large - $30L

On Dorothy Button:
Fur hat: Lelutka - FURhat_DARK
Glasses: Wigglesworth - Ray-band Glasses

On Gavin McGinnis:
T-shirt: Ducknipple - "Okkels" - Make Him Over Hunt gift - free

All poses by: Kuri Style

All pictures shot at the new Love*Soul Christmas store


Gavin said...

The reindeer seemed to adore you when I showed up. You must have really turned up the charm. It always works on me.

Anonymous said...

Brrr Aren't you a bit chilly in that jacket? Who cares though, it looks hot. Those reindeer are growing on me. And it looks like I'm doing some sort of ET phone home thing. Love you and your slexiness! Huggies xo

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