Nov 20, 2009

Long One for the Frugalistas

All we frugalistas know that even if you have unlimited $L to spend (as if), there's always amazing gifts to be scooped for free or $1L (+ even more $50L sales. Isn't there basically one every day of the week now? Yayers!)
The Dominion/The Vinyl Cafe always hands out such lovely freebies, and so often too. Their newest "Feather BabyDoll" fatpack caughty my eye for its spiky, fluttery "feather" skirt with tons of movement. There's one extremely ass-kicking detail that ramps up this good dress into a great one: the subtle texture contrast between the low-shine top against the flowy matte spikes of the "feather" skirt (which you can see in the pic below).

Here I'm showing the black dress as it comes (attached saucily high). You could easily adorn this geometric-shaped cutout bodice with jewelry, but I thought looked more striking without.
However because I am a RL + SL jewelry glutton, I just couldn't resist adding the stunning LeeZu! free jewelry gift set. This chunky gold rings + metal chain design works so beautifully, + I like all the miniature beads + texture work throughout. I'm wearing the matching earrings too which are a nicely weighty "chunky" drop style.
Here's another shot of those awesome Kalnins open-toe, color-change booties. These are not free but sooo worth the $L. See why these textures, shine, wrinkles + color combos are the smex? See?
Here I'm showing this same babydoll dress in this luscious berry color, edited this time so that the skirt sits slightly lower -- giving this dress more of a daywear look. (See what I mean about the texture contrast between the shiny top vs. the feathery skirt? Delish). I'm also wearing my new favie black feather necklace from Atelier (this necklace is not free, but do scoop the free fur-trimmed handgloves there). These adorable polka dot socks are part of the free socks fatpack gift from S@BBiA and this lovely lime/dark orange hue is yet another color option in the Kalnins shoes.
These pictures were taken in the free photo studio you can grab at Tigerclaw. (There's actually tons of freebies there, from giant striped teddy bears to motorcycle jackets. Look for the rows of boxes you can buy for free inside a large metal container). This was Gavin interrogating me about my latest outfit. Hee.
One of my favorite places in SL, Drowsy, has a new build featuring two vintage railway train cars (one of which has little stores inside). Translation: to-die cuteness everywhere. Here's the inside of one of the old-fashioned train cars. Complete with old-fashioned luggage!
The eye-popping textures and meticulous detail of this SIM are truly spectacular. (Drowsy is kinda a sprawling SIM so to get to the train cars, follow the winding trail from the landing point around the hill). You'll find one of the train cars sunken halfway into some lovely flower-dotted water. There's even deer. Hiding out near a laid-out picnic. This place is like atmospheric mood central.
I had just dragged Gavin to Multiple Personality Designs so I could grab these free fur-trimmed black thigh-high boots + matching Santa hat. While I was there, I scooped their brand-new fur-lined bikini + skirt sets for a frugal $1L per color (for $5L you get the 5-color fatpack). I luh how the shiny, latex-like finish + risque revealing-ness of these Santa's helpers outfits inspires naughty (i.e., not nice) thoughts.
See how a li'l Xmas spirit makes you f'get about any pesky Titanic water leakage issues that might be happening in the background?
All of Gavin's clothes (except his shoes) are from one of his favorite men's stores, Alphamale. (Thanks so much Yelmer!) I love this smoky blue color + Alphamale's clothes are always so classically tailored. The classic look of these pieces is like hey presto, instant polish for menz.

I've actually been dragging my friends all over the grid this week. Everyone knows how reluctant my friend Margaux DuFaux can be about fashion, but I was in a daring mood so I forced her to hit the Zenith Fashion lucky boards anyway. This place quickly became my personal Spot of Angst since I was wildly unsuccessful at winning their supercute "Gossip Girl" dress. (Gavin, however, managed to win it about 8 times. Grrrr).

Here are just some of the looks you can win for free. This "Rock Girl" outfit is so fun with its candy pop colors, complete with long black gloves. My R2 black pumps with red bowties (see pic in the styling credits below) were from last weekend's $50L black sale. And isn't this giant pink snow background crazy? This was actually fellow SLexy Fashionista model Ethan Kanahoe's home, which he has transformed into this brrrr-yootiful Winter Wonderland.
All these musical instruments are freebies we scooped at the Sera Korea store, where you can scoop everything from microwaves to alien heads. (Seriously. Alien heads. See final pic below). It's a little hard to tell here, but these free drums are pink! *dies*
Gavin looked so cute in this "1932" shirt above and I thought that my fur-trimmed leopard dress below was one of the glammiest looks at Zenith (both of these were free lucky board gifts). The boys are showing more free men's gift tops from the Zenith lucky boards below; in particular, Ethan's gray and black striped polo is such a classic men's look.
We tried + tried but we could not get Ethan to stop wearing around his free scholarly teddy bear backpack that he won from the Zenith lucky boards. He and that bear were like bffs. Luckily Ethan's chipmunk friends were the non-jealous type.
One of my fave Zenith lucky board gifts were these Supergirl PJ's. Gavin is wearing the current free men's Zenith group gift (above the lucky boards), this short-sleeved gray argyle sweater. His cute blonde cap hair came from one of the $50L sales at Atomic.
I remembered these free ghostie slippers I won at the W00ty B00ty MM board + slipped them on. They were super comfy.
I received a notice about a hunt at A Piece of Candy (another store which regularly gives free monthly gifts for subscribo members) + I was pleasantly surprised to see that the top floor had been converted to rows upon rows of $1L tops, pants, skirts + dresses. The rich, saturated hues of these clothes is something special. Here are just a few tops that I scooped for $1L each. (I actually got so excited about these dollarbies that I totally forgot about the hunt!)
Isn't this lace edging on these tops fabulous? The capris on the left are part of a current $1L gift at Hyper Culture and the adorable pink sherbety socks are also included in the free S@BBiA socks fatpack gift. The gray shorts + striped socks are not free, but the boots on the right are once again free from N-Core.

I noted this free red hair from Salon de MA*YO a few weeks ago in my weekly "Better Quality Freebies" shopping list; I returned this week + its still free. All the other hairs there are a very reasonable $100L per color. Definitely worth a demo!

This lovely smokey pink-brown color is so flattering on any skin tone, which really warms this fashionista's heart. Both this top + leggings were just $1L each at A Piece of Candy. This lovely free turquoise + bronze metal loops necklace + earrings set from PERTURB/ation really pops against this feminine hue.
The knit texture on these A Piece of Candy $1L lace-edged leggings are very nice; again the smokey pink-brown color was my fave. I paired these leggings with these unique "treble clef" pasties from Nayar for $1L.
The $50L pink sale at Pink Outfitters thru 11/24 has girlie girls like me in a li'l frenzy. I heart their hand-drawn designs + previously blogged their classically tailored black chiffon blouse here. See the detailed texturing of these shorts? Love the sexy low-rise on them as well. The top + shorts here, and each of the dresses in the next photo, are all on sale for $50L each.
This belted casual dress on the left was such a find -- the print somehow manages to be both modern + retro at the same time. I love the flirtiness of this pink-and-white party dress on the right, especially with its sassy white petticoat just peeking out from underneath.
Now would be a good time to show you my newest non-free boots obsession: the new thigh-high boots from J's. (Listen, I might be a frugalista but unfortunately I also have some serious $pending control issues, so I was forced to scoop the $1600L fatpack. Sigh). The realistic texture is the usual top-notch J's quality, but there's just something about the rounded toe + sleek, long shape that is really stallion-esque. They are. The. Smex.
I recently discovered the Holli Pocket store + it is such a gem. Holli has a naughty sense of whimsy which makes her designs both playful + sexy -- my ultimate favie combination ever.

For us more daring fashionistas, Holli has introduced this fantastic new peek-a-boo buttie minidress, which gives you a sassy peek at that perfect SL butt cleavage. The tiny hearts trim trimming the keyhole edges + just-tucked into the bodice is like a playful li'l fashion slap + tickle. Hee. Hee.
I dressed "down" this yummie "blueberry" version with my SoReal black sneaks + this fabulous back tat. Both the tattoo + these pretty hair butterflies are free from Minajunk. Aren't they cute? The scattered star socks are yet another free gift from Zenith (look for them near the base of the stairs). This gangsta necklace is also free as a profile picks gift from Apple May Designs.
I dressed "up" this lovely beige color of this dress with large black tourmaline oval jewels from House of Hucci. This lovely nude champagne color is my fave + it's 50% off ($75L) until Saturday 12 am SLT. (Be on the lookout for a special red color of this minidress that will be available exclusively as an upcoming hunt gift). Both of the hairstyles shown with this dress are more $100L finds from Salon de MA*YO.
I paired the beige dress with the Stiletto Moodys red patent leather free shoe gift that is still available for current group members (I believe thru the end of today). Their side-seamed, shiny Gladiator-styled strappiness is such a striking style + the toe shadowing is just fabby.
Finally, just wanted to show you more goodies from the everything $0L Sera Korea store where Gavin + I scooped cool housewares like this washing machine + a refrigerator that opens (fully stocked). Plus there's all kinds of cool ways you can totally go incognito. See how handy this mint-green alien head is? One of these would be so awes in RL.
My dearest fellow frugalistas, thank you so much for all your kind + supportive words on this blog + also for my weekly "Better Quality Freebies" list (if anyone wants this, just drop me a NC in-world). It truly means so much + /me hearts you all.

Love + fashionista kisses to all my frugalistas! Mwuahs!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(a frugalista who spends way too much $L)


on Tesh:

Babydoll dress: The Dominion - Feather Baby Doll Fatpack - Seduction BabyDoll Pink and Black - group gift (wear The Vinyl Cafe tag + buy for $0L on wall) -
Black striped socks: Mischief - subscribo gift - free
Light polka dot socks: S@BBiA - Socks:Gift:Yellow - group gift - free
Gold rings necklace + earrings: LeeZu! - BohemeMia - subscribo gift - free
Black feather necklace: Atelier - not free
Shoes: Kalnins - Boudoir (color change) - not free
Hair: DPYumYum - Barber YumYum No. 16 (Black) - $150L per color ($300L for 3 colors)
Cuffs: Dark Mouse - Heavy Metal Bangles - not free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Azur (Large Iris) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes - $100L
Metal container photo studio: Tigerclaw - Container & chair gon made ver 1.5 sit - free

Holiday white fur-trimmed bikini set: Multiple Personality Designs - Christmas Treats (red and black colors shown) - $1L per color or $5L for the colors fatpack
Black boots with white fur trim:
Multiple Personality Designs - Christmas Treats boot/Hat - free

Black and white dress: Zenith Fashion - Rock Girl - lucky board gift - free
Polka dot socks: S@BBiA - Socks:Gift:Brown- group gift - free
Shoes: R2 - Malama black - $50L weekends sale
Hair: DPYumYum - Barber YumYum No. 16 (Honey) - $150L per color ($300L for 3 colors)
Necklace: SA Designs - pearl necklace (white) - lucky board gift - free

Leopard dress:
Zenith Fashion - Fur Dress - lucky board gift - free
Black gloves: Zenith Fashion - from the Rock Girl outfit) - lucky board gift - free
Shoes: Herby Loire - HL Fashion Design Leopard Shoes - previously free
Hair: DPYumYum - Barber YumYum No. 16 (Brown) - $150L per color ($300L for 3 colors)

Supergirl PJs:
Zenith Fashion - Supreme Girl - lucky board gift - free
Slippers: W00ty B00ty - Spooky Ghost Blue Slippers - MM board gift - previously free
Headband: Silvery K - Hair Accessories_Cake - free
Hair: DPYumYum - Barber YumYum No. 16 (Honey) - $150L per color ($300L for 3 colors)

on Gavin McGinnis:

Brown sweater:
Zenith Fashion - ZF Sweater Jacket(Brown) - lucky board gift - free
1932 shirt: Zenith Fashion - 1932 jacket(male) - lucky board gift - free
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - previously free
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Water) Large Iris - $30L
Hair: Junwave - Natural Short (black) - previous $50L sale
Blonde cap hair: Atomic - Hair_Bryan - Blonde - previous $50L sale
Jeans: Alphamale - Industrial Jeans - Black - not free
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars black/white - not free

on Ethan Kanahoe:

Gray, black + white polo:
Zenith Fashion - ZF Shirt - lucky board gift - free
Teddy bear backpack:
Zenith Fashion - Bear-B - lucky board gift - free

on Tesh:

Pink-brown lace-edged henley top: A Piece of Candy - Shelly Pink Top - $1L
Pink capris:
Hyper Culture - Stripe Capri (Star) - $1L
Light polka dot socks: S@BBiA - Socks:Gift:Pink- group gift - free
Boots: J's - J's Ankle Boots Round (Sand) - not free

Blue lace-edged henley top: A Piece of Candy - Shelly Cobalt Top - $1L
Black shorts:
Pink Outfitters - Roxy Bermuda Shorts black - not free
Knee-high socks: Naive - Double Socks Fatpack (blue) - not free

Blue lace-edged henley top: A Piece of Candy - Shelly Red Top - $1L
Boots: N-Core - Group Gift 3" Ankle Multicolor - group gift - free
Black shorts:
Pink Outfitters - Roxy Bermuda Shorts black - not free
Knee-high socks: Naive - Double Socks Fatpack (red) - not free

Brown + pink textured corset top:
A Piece of Candy - rose Sequoia Corset - $1L
Brown + pink textured corset pants: A Piece of Candy - Lisa Pants Rose - $1L
Necklace + earrings: PERTURB/ation - [P/a] Periapsis (GroupGift) - free
Shoes: Kalnins - Boudoir (color change) - not free

Treble clef pasties: Nayar - Musik Pasties Undershirt - $1L
Dark gray leggings: A Piece of Candy - Sheila charcoal leggings - $1L
Pink brown leggings: A Piece of Candy - Shelly pink leggings - $1L

Eyes worn thruout A Piece of Candy and Pink Outfitters items: Negaposi - Glass Eyes (Raven) - $30L

Hair worn thruout A Piece of Candy and Pink Outfitters items: Salon de MA*YO - Asami-Hair_red - free

Pink sheer blouse: Pink Outfitters - Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse (shirt) pink - $50L pink sale (thru 11/24)
Pink shorts:
Pink Outfitters - Bermuda Shorts pink - $50L pink sale (thru 11/24)
Shoes: Kalnins - Boudoir (color change) - not free

Pink and white dress: Pink Outfitters - The Ashton Marie Party Dress - $50L pink sale (thru 11/24)
Shoes: Kalnins - Boudoir (color change) - not free

Belted dress: Pink Outfitters - Uptown Tube Dress - $50L pink sale (thru 11/24)
Thigh-high boots:
J's - J's Thigh High BOOTS - Bordeaux - not free
ecklace + earrings: Peturbation - Periapsis group gift - free

Blue minidress: Holli Pocket - *HP* Cheeky Love-Blueberry
Butterflies hair attachment: Minajunk - free butterfly - free
Minajunk - Butterfly Tattoo - free
Necklace: Apple May Designs - profile picks rewards gift - free
Bracelet: U&R Dogs @ LVS Drive - Septet Bracelet - $1L
Socks: Zenith Fashion - *Star*Socksgift - free (on 1st fl, in shelves near stairs)
Hair: Salon de MA*YO - Tomomi Hair-Cocoa - $100L
Sneakers: SoReal - Superstars - Black/Gold - not free

Beige minidress: Holli Pocket - *HP* Cheeky Love-Root Beer - $75L until this Saturday
Hair: Salon de MA*YO - Saki Hair-Chestnut- $100L
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Bare Lana Anniversary group gift - previously free
Necklace + earrings + ring: House of Hucci - Dion Jewelry Set (Black Tourmaline) - not free

Skin worn thruout by Tesh: Belleza - Jesse sunkissed cleavage - previous group gift ($250L group join fee) - previously free

Poses by: Long Awkward Pose, Torridwear, Flowey and Sunflower


JennyS said...

Hey Teshan, such a great freebies roundup!!!!!! Really love all the choices for us all to look at and the lists!!! Do you have any skin recommendations that are free right now???

Hugs and tysm!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tesh its Lisa. Luv luv luv the free. You look amazing too!

See ya


Anonymous said...

Wow you look so beautiful as always! Ur blogs are always so awesome and it keeps me connected to SL until I get back on hopefully next week. Hope all is well. Miss you kisses and hugs..Luv ya, dreamangel

Tesh said...

Awwwww /me loves u Dream!! HB :O) xoxo

Gavin said...

You look amazing in every picture and I think I don't look half bad either. LOL

You're like an alien Vanna White showing the SL fashionista of the world the wonderful prizes that await them.

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