Nov 17, 2009

Snow Bunneh

It was chilly in RL today, so I fell into my SL winter mood with the new puffy white down jacket from Coco. I noticed this jacket for the fierceness that is the gold chain draping across the midriff. I also like how "open" the front area is (i.e., that you can still see your top at the same time that you're wearing the jacket). This jacket comes in separate top + bottom parts, so it moves a bit more realistically than a single chunky piece stuck to your midriff.
I realized that other than the coat, everything else about my outfit is 200% cold weather impractical. Hee.
This necklace is the subscribo gift from LeeZu! that's been all over the blogs (and deservedly so; the interplay between chunky gold "rings" + airy metal chain makes for one of the best jewelry gifts ever). This keyhole "slit" mini-polka dots top is just one of the finds from the current Zenith lucky boards (with more supercute pieces that I'll try to post, depending on how many I can win, hee hee). See how the narrow opening just curls over the belly button? The smexeh is all in the details.
I really adore these leggings from Glow Studio. The white piping around the ovals is simply brill + the naughty placing of these cutouts is way fun.
Kalnins' new Sonata heels caught my eye for their gold swirly loops hardware, which nicely finished this look.

I have to say that I've been living for the DPYumYum hairs. Not too many styles are available, but they're a reasonable $150L per color (for $300L you get 3 colors). The classic heavy bangs fringe is so flattering + I love how flexi the long strands are (which really helps with the whole hair-getting-stuck-in-bewbies thang).

My skin is the former Belleza group gift Jesse which is still one of my favies. There's a new skin gift for men right now (it's a new version of one of their best faces, the Ewan) that's a great reason for men to pony up the $250L group join fee. The Jesse was given out this fall + it still rivals skins that I've paid many times the $250L group join fee for (for both the face and the body).
Bring on the cold weather. When all else fails, there's always comfy indoor SL shopping.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would rather look good + freeze than be bundled up, any day)


Down coat: Coco - DownJacket (White)
Shirt: Zenith Fashion - Sexy shirt - lucky board gift - free
Leggings: Glow Studio - It Was U Leggings (black)
Shoes: Kalnins - Sonata
Belt: House of Hucci - Double Link Black Pearl Belt - Gold
Necklace + earrings: LeeZu! - BohemeMia - subscribo gift - free
Cuffs: Dark Mouse - Heavy Metal Bangles

Skin: Belleza - Jesse sunkissed cleavage - previous group gift ($250L group join fee)
Hair: DPYumYum - Barber YumYum No. 18 (Black)
Headband: DPYumYum - Katyusha - group gift (join Double Paradox group in Search to buy on downstairs wall) - $10L
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar - Water (Large Iris) - $30L
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes


Anonymous said...

Hi Tesh! Love this post. This is a very sexy winter look!

Anonymous said...

That jacket is crunk! Killer post.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing bundled up for winter. Your outfit may be inpractical for the cold weather but I'll be there to keep you warm.

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