Jan 4, 2011

Hotel de Glace

Esuga creator Eilfie Sugarplum just passed me her newest skins, eyes & makeups + as per usual, Eilfie's sense of playfulness really emerges thru her work. Check her pouty teeth + "Persian Cat" eyes, which I thought were so unusual + fun. *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum*
I met up with my penguin friends while visiting the famed Hotel de Glace (ice hotel) that's built (+ melted) once a year. These li'l flipper dudes are $30L at D-Lab; my fave was this animated backpack guy (who I named Chippie), who actually swivels his head + waves his flippers around nervously. -- I think Chippie was worried about everything melting. There, there Chippie. *pats Chippie on the head + wiggles his flipper*
Speaking of $30L grabs, I'm also showing another $30L Lamb hair steal. The rest of this color pop look features a free Icing bodysuit + more free BP tights, plus the free electric violet Courtisane boots that've flooded the feeds (most def worth a grabbie).
It's brrrr where I'm headed. Glaced love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who would much rather be too hot than too cold


Skin: Esuga - Bombshell.Haute&Naughty.Red.T.Blushed/Bust (new!) *mwuahs Eilfie Sugarplum*
Beauty mark tat: Esuga- [ESUGA] Makeup Set 2: Beauty Mark (new!)
Persian cat eyes: Esuga- [ESUGA] TidePool Eyes: Persian Cat (new!)
Bodysuit: Icing - *ICING* Lorelei - Purple (dress option included also) - lucky chair prize (new!) -
Boots: Courtisane - .*Courtisane*. Marie Lu Viol - group gift (join group for
$0L; check Notices) - free
Neck tat: Lionypaw - Dream Tattoo Collarbone (buy pizza slice on counter) - $1L *mwuahs Gavin McGinnis*
Leggings: BP - BP*present box 3 - BP*tights drowsy2010winter black 1 (buy gray gift boxes spilled in snow for $0L; nearly 30 gifts in all) - free
Glasses: Glamorize - .:Glamorize:. Glasses - Gloss Black - free
Hair: Lamb - !lamb. Unbirthday Redux - Rotten Carrot - $30L
Penguin backpack: D-Lab - d-lab-Penguin-g Rucksack(brown)trans-ve - $30L gatcha
Necklace: D-Lab - d-lab-Penguin-necklac-blue-B&W-ve - $30L gatcha
Belt: D-Lab - d-lab-Penguin-belt-yellow-Gray(trans)-ve - $30L gatcha
Teddy lollipop: Love Soul - [ Love Soul ] Lolipop candy*Bear*(Attach) - lucky chair prize - free
Burger earrings: Love Soul - [ Love Soul ] Pierce*Hamburger*
Back nails pose: Hate Me and Eat Me *mwuahs Riri Bazar*
All other poses: XBordeau *mwuahs Xanadu Capelo*