Jan 10, 2011

Get on Board

Hi! First of all I would like to apologise for my bad English but ... I try my best :).
My Name is Mpenziwe Jansma and I was born at 2007. So you can call me a SL-Granny.  Unfortunately, I am still not able to build but... I love to do Pictures and Videos. Most of my Time i am looking for nice Places. Status: Exploring! :)

So today i wanna show you my 2 favorite Places (at the moment). First Inaka. I love Japan and this Place is just beautiful and i have no words for the Textures. Pleace do me a favor and visit it!

Inaka Landmark

The 2 Place i wanna show you is Retropolis. A tiny pirate Ship. There are Partys too (Music: Indie etc). Take your time to explore. Retropolis has so much more to see ;).

Retropolis Landmark

Okay... That was my first Guest Post. It was fun, yay! :).