Dec 6, 2010

On Christmas Pig-ishness & Coal

I've been blogging the cutie patootie critters from Stray Pig 'cuz they be So. Effin'. Cute. + now creator YonYon Yip has organized a hunt for everyone to enjoy. 5 Christmas pigs (dressed up in festive Santy Claus gear) are hidden thruout the SIM; this ridic cute deer bed (where you can snuggle with Bambi) is 1 of the prizes. The Stray Pig SIM is relatively small, but way adorables with just a touch o' industrial grit. *mwuahs YonYon Yip*
In other holiday news, I got no early love from Santy Claus this year. *rummages around in stocking*
I thought I was "nice" this year?
*sad face*

love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who knows at least 1 person who thinks pigs are lucky!)


Hair (w/ mouth/eye ribbons): maomi*G* - maomi*H* 15 - lucky board prize - free
Skin: The Plastik - :[P]:-LionHeart-Myth-Hollyjolly
(new!) *mwuahs Aikea Rieko*
Sweater: [aRAWRa] @ The Snowflake Experience - Knit Sweater - Red (find/buy candy cane for
$0L) - free *mwuahs Aurora Deischer*
Pants: paper.doll @ The Snowflake Experience - {paper.doll} SpencerTrousers-Crimson (find/buy candy cane for
$0L) - free
Socks: Honey Kitty - *H+K*(red)lace dot socks
Necklace: Iced @ The Snowflake Experience - *ICED* Snowflake Necklace (find/buy candy cane for
$0L) - free
Boots: Berries Inc. - Berries Inc. xmas gift 2010 -
Bambi bed: Stray Pig - [SP]AnimalBed_Bambi - Christmas Pig Hunt (you are searching for a jolly pig in a Xmas suit; 5 pigs total thruout the Stray Pig SIM; other gifts include a sled, a Santa doll, a house & a Xmas tree) - free
Stocking poses: Olive Juice @ Mr. Scrooge's Holiday Village - Olive Juice- Naughty List Stocking - free