Dec 15, 2010


hiii guys, am back! :P

Antler: Loq, christmas subscribo gifty. 
Dress: *Icing*, previously blogged by Tesh, i dont remember where BUT i know she did lolol. :P
Socks: Honey*Kitty, gacha item!
Mittens: **Cute Bytes**, part of the SnowFlake Experience, here.
Flats: beemann vintageish item, at Virtlantis, here. It comes w/ a makeup also ;)
Pose: beemann, NEW location , here. Its unfinished yet, but shhh.. ! Zee doesnt know i just sent out the location LOLOL. But, we are looking for 2 renters if you're interested. Come look at the land and see if you like it :)