Dec 24, 2010

Our Panties In A Snitch . . . Just In Time for Xmas

Amidst this season of deep thoughts + solemn contemplation, we wanted to add our own holiday wishes in true SLexy style.
Gavin was bribed and forced cheerfully volunteered to be our holiday eye candy this year, wearing a free crabby kitty undies gift from Vitamen (how or why this thong is holiday-related, ya got us). This kitty (who we named Hot Dog) was not at all pleased at being crammed into a rather tight space + expressed his displeasure by repeatedly whacking Gavin with his tiny paddle during the photo shoot. Gavin, not to be outdone, responded by doing his best "chicken dance." *checks Gavin for scratches + bites*

Our snitchiest SLexy holiday love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who gets her panties in a snitch rather often)


Hot Dog in undies: Vitamen @ SOFA Christmas Mall - 2010 VITAMEN Happy Christmas Gift - lucky board prize - free
Mouth stocking: Callie Cline - mouth stocking by caLLie cLine red/white *mwuahs Callie Cline*
Mini stocking hat:
Callie Cline - little santa hat green/red caLLie cLine
Large candy cane:
Callie Cline - caLLie cLine candy cane decor
Pose: pda (store closed; creator
Izzy Bereznyak)