Dec 23, 2010

Scrumpdillicious Gifties

Some yummies for you today: a free pouty lippie skin, free softly waved hair (with furry texture-change earmuffs), free poofy tank dress + these absolutely gorges 2-tone cherry free ankle boots, baked to scrumpdillicious perfection.
Aaaand 'cuz there's just too many gifties fallin' from tha sky, here's a mini-list of Xmas grabbies for yas (most have already surfaced on the feeds, but here they are all together for us lazies):

- free red-lipped Laq skin in the subscribo (click subscribo then "1" if you didn't get it. Lag Monster's fave new hangout).
- free Maitreya hair (you get several hair colors + headband is color-change; touch subscribo near landing point + click "1" if you didn't get it. Again, beware of Lag Monster).
- free COCO red ruffled ankle boots (smexier rendition of lace-up ankle boot; join group for $0L + touch last sign to the right along the gift wall; group join sign is on far right).
- $1L Glow Studio headband w/ little red berries (giftie from these headband maestros; buy sign for $1L nearish landing point/center of store).
- free sparkly sweater dress w/ tiny gold sparklies at Trashy Girls In Style (simple alternative to flashier holiday gear; buy stack of red sweaters in center display for $0L).
- free super pretty white flats w/ pointy toe + small candy cane striped diagonal bow detail (buy gift box for $0L here at Ingenue).
- free luxuriously long scarf at Boom (again, beware Lag Monster).
- free superpuffy white down jacket (for BOTH men + women) at Gabriel (join group for $0L then click sign with white down jackets; awesome $1L black fur long gloves nearby too). *mwuahs* Gavin for finding these!
- another snowy white find: an exceptionally pretty $1L white feather skirt corset dress at DCNY (buy sign near subscribo/landing point for $1L; takes a minute to rez).
- $1L Xmas PJs at MPD (for BOTH men + women). Love this adorable bargains store.

Scrummy gifties love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who might actually be done with RL Christmas shopping?! Wewts!)


Boots: YourSkin & YourShape - *YS&YS* AnkleBoot Xmas (included in *YS&YS* Tiburon Xmas) - group gift (join group for $0L + touch gift boxes behind bar; really pretty jewelry in another box) - free
Skin: JeSyLiLO - *JeSyLiLO*::JosieBuety::*LightSkin*BT*J1 - Santa's sock hunt #12 JeSyLiLO (find small red stocking here; HINT: this pine smell is so strong!) -
Hair + earmuffs: ARgrace - *ARGRACE* Gift - Ear muff with "Moonlight" ~ (Black) - group gift (join group for
$0L; touch sign with girl on it) - free
Dress: SYSY - SYSY's Xmas2010 Lulu dress red gift (buy box under tree fo
r $0L) - free
Roses & feathers brooch: Zenith - White Fur & White Rose (join Monday Mania group + touch sign in store; another white roses/feathers color included) - free
Leggings: This is a Fawn @Albero - Knit Leggings [snowflake red] -
Ring: Glow Studio - [ glow ] studio - I'm your present red ring -
Gloves: Sonatta Morales - *8* Snow Leopard gauntlets - previously free
Eyeshadow makeup: Elegant Epiphany - ee. Treat Me - tm Center - former MM board prize -
previously free
Lashes: F*S Foxy Lashes (not sure what store I got these from; creator
CeeJay Wrigglesworth)
Pose: Agapee -