Nov 29, 2010

Dodgy Shopping Day

I decided to kick off the week with some shopping of a more, um, personal nature.
You still have time to grab this free tongue in cheek (er, nottie) gift today at Concrete Flowers (the bag "sheds" dirty magazines + condoms as you walk). Just make sure ya don't carry it around any dark alleys like I did. *skulks around, gives nervous glances*

These awes ripped argyle tights are also free + a real find (they're ripped in several places + supercute); I don't usually wear tartilicious skirts like this one, but this free mini by Blow-Up seemed to fit this vibe (make sure to grab the superfun fatpack of free animated lollis there too). The unmatched ruffle boots are an oldie but goodie $1L grab at Enky's + the hair is worth mentioning since Amacci is currently selling all styles in the bright "Crazy" color pack for a mere $35L (this is such a great way to try out new styles + play with colors that you wouldn't normally wear). The skin is a pretty Lara Hurley Skin $10L find; more gifties listed in the Styling Credits below.

Dodgy shopping love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never ever goes "personal" shopping! *blinks innocently*)


Shirt: Kobilica - kobilica. yummy shirt (buy on floor) - $1L
Leggings: Razorblade Jacket - TDTH #001 [Razorblade Jacket] - =Razorblade Jacket= Grunge Capri w/ Lace DIAMOND PINK - The Dirty Turkey Hunt gift (buy dirty brown bottle for
$0L) *NOTE: this hunt ends tomorrow! - free
Skirt: Blow-Up - TDTH #014 Blow-Up - - Blow-Up - Miniskirt Punky - Dirty Purple - The Dirty Turkey Hunt gift (buy dirty brown bottle for
$0L; get the animated lollipops fatpack here too for $0L) *NOTE: this hunt ends tomorrow! - free
Naughty bag: Concrete Flowers - CONCRETE FLOWERS- SEXSHOP GOODIE BAG -female-WEAR! - The Dirty Turkey Hunt gift (buy dirty brown bottle for
$0L) *NOTE: this hunt ends tomorrow!
- free
Skin: Lara Hurley Skin - [ #48 ] With Love From... Lara Hurley Skin - Lara Hurley-Milla[With Love Hunt] (grab the blue-lipped one for free here too by buying the large sign for $0L) - $10L
Tattoo: Para Designs - ::Para Designs:: Mosaic Tattoo ~ Unisex
MonS - -MonS- Bracalets "Planet" *Pink and *Purple - group gift - free
MonS - -MonS Blur Earring Series Purple - group gift - free
Boots: Courtisane @ Enky's - .*Courtisane*. Marie Lu - Brown -
Hair: Amacci - Amacci Hair Larissa ~ Purple -
$35L crazy fatpack sale (all styles in this color fatpack are $35L)
e: u.f.o.