Nov 2, 2010


hii guys, i'm Blur Mannequin. Owner of beemann, and blogger for slnerd, and other beautiful lovely blogs, hehehehhe. It's an honor that Tesh has me as a guest here, on Slexy :3! To be honest as hell right now, i've been SO nervous to post on here, since i met Tesh, hahahahha. Though im not SHY, but i don't know.. i be weird. ANYWAYS. I recently opened a shop, beemann, I make poses, tattoos, custom shapes, flats.. Other stuff coming soon. ;) SO keep your eyes open. I have some freebies in my shop for everyone [: ALL my pose packs are less than 50L also :P

Hair: Truth
Skin: Laq
Mustache + Tattoos + Flats: beemann, non free, but VERY cheap. Like everything is below 40L.
Shirt: Paper.Doll
Pants: RunoRuno
Armwarmers: Virtual/Insanity
Corset: Ingenue
Pose: beemann, this is part of the freebies i have out. You just have to join the group, beemann Update and click the ads. 

the other freebie poses, there is also a shape AND red pair of flats, so GOGOGOGOGOOG. [: