Nov 8, 2010

Sneaking Out of the Gala

The World's End Garden is giving away this elegant 1-shoulder gown for free, next to 2 bird 'n roses headpieces also for free. -- Luckily, nobody seemed to notice a chiffoned girl sneaking out of this fancy gala. This bird wouldn't stop squawking tho'; freakin' thing nearly gave me away. *sneaks out, ignores bird*
Fashionably sneaky love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who has most def snuck out early from boring fancy galas)


Dress: World's End Garden - Requiem pour une s ur perdue - group gift (join group for $0L + touch sign) - free
Bird headpiece: World's End Garden - La rose noire de la Reine - group gift (join group for
$0L + touch sign) - free
Hair: 69 - [ 69 ] CASS 01 - Dark Ash Brown - group gift (
$300L group join fee; 4 hair fatpacks available now as group gifts) - free
Skin: Tres Blah - -tb- Prince Charming
Tattoo: Nightshade - -Kawaii Gloom- Tattoo (2.0 Version) - former Kawaii Hunt gift - previously free
Pose: Hate Me and Eat Me
*mwuahs Riri Bazar*