Feb 19, 2011

Sashay, Shante

Before the madness of Skin Fair 2010 begins, I wanted to show you this week's new "Minka" hair by Truth, which serves up this tousled, wavy dose o' yums (you get a bangs option too). Tell me this hair doesn't make you wanna do nottie things. *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Here's the full look, which I built around a retro fabby new rolled-up sleeves top by Ingenue, some cheapies I found around the grid + mah girl Blur Mannequin's new sculpty "ridges" skirt in these delish golden russet tones (this thing so gives runway drag queen to me -- and I mean that in the most Sashay, Shante + do a twirly twirl, work it Supermodel way). *mwuahs Blur Mannequin*
Sashay, Shante love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who sashays around her closet all the damn time)

It don't matter what you wear
They're checkin' out your savior faire
And it don't matter what you do
'Cause everything looks good on you . . . Supermodel!

I see your picture everywhere
A million dollar derriere
And when you walked in to the room
You had everybody's eyes on you . . . Supermodel!

You better work . . . Cover girl!
Work it girl . . . Give a twirl!
Do your thing on the runway

Work . . . turn to the left!
Work . . . now turn to the right!
Work . . . Sashay, Shante!


Hair: Truth - Minka Streaked (Upper) - pumpkin (worn with Minka Bangs - pumpkin) (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Skin: Mynerva - Kianna Shade 4 Smokey Cleavage (available soon at Skin Fair 2011! Reviewed in previous post below) *mwuahs Rhapzody Wilde*
Skirt: Ah Flou - Sunny Sunset (new!) *mwuahs Blur Mannequin*
Shirt: Ingenue - Ingenue :: Zoe :: Banana (new!) *mwuahs Betty Doyle*
Bag: Milk Motion - (Milk Motion) My wool bag - $50L Fridays
Pearls: NHA @ The Fashion Garret - (NHA!) - Nancita/Pearl Necklace -
Socks: Mother Goose's - knee socks set B5 - $10L
Gloves: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Fingerless / Burgundy - $1L
Shoes: Kookie - *Kookie* Powder Puff - Jade
Belt: Miel - MIEL TROUPE BELT - natural
Pose: Everglow
*mwuahs Fanny Willis*