Feb 8, 2011

a casa...

Oh well, i like to be home, laze, drink, smoke... wear light stuffs.. as the temperature is so smooth... *dreams*
Tonight i chose to show the two or three things i can't live without anymore.
Wearing them nights and days and i'm not even close to stop, i'm in love :D


Hair : Boon GOB250 black
Cardigan : Tokidoki Loose cardigan (grey)
Bottom : Runoruno The crochet work
Lips : Chelle Lipstain D
Cig. holder : No. 9 Nylons


Hair : 69 BE black
Playsuit : Milk Motion - at The Dressing room blue now
Tea : Homeless books Tea-to-go
Table : Y's House
Chair : TLND


Hair : 69 BE black
Body : Runoruno Loose body - at The dressing room blue now
Body Oil : LAQ

Wish you all a great night/day! <3

Edit : oops! just realized my pics are HUGE... O_o