Feb 6, 2011

Plop Plop Fizz Fizz . . .

It's V-Day, meaning it's time for the requisite pink-themed post. Here's what I threw together, namely a $10L baby pink R.icielli skirt, a simple yet cute free Hello Kitty T-shirt, some adorable free candy pink pumps (shiny glossy ones!) + yet another makeup of the fabby new "Jasmine" Curio skin (this time in a caramel skin tone), which I can't seem to stop wearing with the new "Adele" Truth hair (truly, a fashionista match in heaven).
Cuppycakes anyone? I made 'em Pepto Bismol flavor. They're super yummie. Promise!
Pepto pink V-Day love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who kinda has a thing against Valentine's Day. Not against WUV per se; just the Pepto Pink commercialism of it all. Except, of course, when people buy my jewelry. Heh)


Skin: Curio - :GP: Amber [Light] Jasmine-Mysterious 1 (new!) *mwuahs Gala Phoenix*
Hair: Truth - Adele Streaked - honey (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Shirt: Chokoreeto - (Chokoreeto)Opening gift_Hello Kitty T-shirt - free
Shoes: Tou Fromc* - CHH no.02 [Tou Fromc*]DOLL-Cupid Heart Hunt ver.- -
Cupid Heart Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for $0L) - free
Socks: This Is A Fawn - Knit Knee Socks [aubergine] - Cupid Heart Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for $0L) - free
Skirt: R.icielli - REGINA miniskirt /salmon (resize) - R.icielli - 2N
D DELUXE HUNT / item#5 (find/buy golden key) - $10L
Balloons: Love Soul - -[Love Soul] Balloon-Valentine's Day(Attach) -
Cupid Heart Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for $0L) - free
Brown bear holding mini bunnie necklace: Love Soul - [Love Soul] Necklace*Bear-Brown*S-5 - $30L gatcha
Pink purse: Glow Studio @ The Dressing Room Blue - [ glow ] studio Sex & The City Bag PINK - tdr blue -
Tea tray: What Next - {what next} Sweetheart Tea Tray (boxed) -
Cupid Heart Hunt gift (find/buy pink heart for $0L) - free
Hat: &Count - [+&C+]knitcap(nose)LB - former lucky board prize -
previously free
Gloves: Para Designs - ::Para Designs:: Leather Kitty Gloves ~ Dark Pink -
previously free
Armwarmers: Aitui - Tight Arm Warmers - Polka Dots+Crayon - Off White
e: Pididdle