Sep 27, 2009

Belleza Skin Gift, 1 Obnoxious T & A Beautiful Gesture from Glitterati

My gf DreamAngel Larnia + I were getting ready to do our usual shopping + grid-skipping when I happened to see fellow blogger Gabby McCollough's post about this gorges Belleza skin gift. Ohhh boy did I do a total 180 on my usual "What? Me? Pay to join a group?" stance when I saw her in this one. Exquisitely glowy body with a soft facial expression, perfectly sexy (but not overly dramatic) eyeliner makeup, full but (not overly full) perfectly pouty lip -- what's not to love? So so worth the $250L group join fee. ***NOTE: this skinmaker is better known for its men's skins but this group gift is only for women (sorry menz).
Since it was a lazy Sunday (i.e. casual wear only), I slipped on the delightfully sassy "I TAUGHT YOUR BOYFRIEND THAT THING YOU LIKE" T-shirt subscribo gift from Mischief that's been all over the blogs. Love how this hot pink color exactly matches my Violet Voltaire "Cameo" jewelry. This teeny tiny jean skirt (imprinted with adorable small white stars) was a previous find from Paper.Doll before it closed (I got it when the entire store was like $10L or something crazy like that). And the J's "Sand" color Ankle Boots Round are more fashion lemmings finds (I've seen these blogged + successfully resisted, but then alas, spied someone wearing these while hair shopping and all resistance flew out the window). OK, so I'm a member of the "Mees Likes So I Must Forfeit My $L Now" crowd. Shoot me.
A note about these poses: all of these poses here are by the Glitterati store and I was so touched with the way they are doing gifting these. Glitterati has created a special set of 10 poses that anyone can get for free. You tap the Breast Cancer Awareness poster to get them; above it is a square you can tap to donate whatever you like. -- These are such awesome, sexy poses (most involve a boob grab) + the store is matching donations (I believe upon a certain threshold amount). -- This "silent killer" disease is just not something we women can afford to be ignorant of in RL, so even if you only have $1L to spare, please do stop by the store to grab these poses + donate whatever you can. Glitterati folks -- you absolutely rule.
Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


T-Shirt: Mischief - Subscribomatic gift (click to Subscribe, then click History + "1" to get) - free
Jean skirt: Paper.Doll - previous $10L sale (store closed)
Hair: Fri.Day - Cassie - previously free
Hair bow: Fascino - group gift -
Eyes: Gala & Rita Design Announcements Group - group gift - free (join group in Search; gift is in Notices)
Lashes: Jade - Flugelin Brise lashes - free
Skin: Belleza - group gift (join Belleza group in Search; $250L group join fee; gift is in Notices)
Violet Voltaire - Cameo Kawaii - not free
Violet Voltaire - Cameo Kawaii - free (from demoing their in-store pinata, so fun! Whack out all your aggressions for the day, LOL)
Cuffs: Dark Mouse - Colored Bangles - previous $25L sale
Pearl Bracelet: Salire - former group gift - previously free
Back necklace: U&R Dogs (purchased at their Le Look location) - Bolero Necklace (long back necklace)
Boots: J's Ankle Boots Round - Sand - not free
Poses: Glitterati - Breast Cancer Awareness poses gift - free
Pearl Belly Chain: Alienbear - "Cyrus" Kitty Belly Chain - $10L


Kellie said...

Teshan I really love your posts. Thank You so much for the tip about the poses, it is a wonderful Cause and I will be definitely letting my friends know about it.

Anonymous said...

hi love this look~~ i also have some experience with a breast cancer scare and will be donating to this very worthy charity........good to know there are cause-conscoius stores in SL and will be supporting them, thanks for the headsup

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