Oct 2, 2009

Caramel & Cream

Fall weather in RL means that I sulk + reluctantly pull out my jeans. (Thank God my skinny jeans still fit after all the junk food I've been snarfing down lately, LOL).

But enough about RL. Today my SL self was in a caramel brown & creamy color mood + so I threw these 2 looks together. -- The first look combines several free gifts together with some non-free yummies. This tartan miniskirt is sooo cute and it comes with sexy white panties (for the inevitable "butt wink" fly-ups you get in the back when parading around in this thing).
The 2nd look uses my newest obsession from the Luck Inc. store (I previously blogged their deliciously naughty "Peek-A-Boo Buttie" plum and black striped dress here). I paired these supershort overalls with the free Pixeldolls tintable bikini (love that the texture is "shadowed" + that it comes with an untied option). Hiya bewbies!
A word about this skin: now that Curio has now successfully Hoovered every last $L from me with its brand-new "Lovely II" and "Vixen II" skins debuting at the Skin Shape Expo '09 (curse your irresistible talents Gala Phoenix!! My $L cannot resist you!!!), I must fully admit my status as the newest Curio fangirl. Just look at this wistful expression on the "Lovely II" face here -- the facial emote is soft + almost helpless (a novelty for either my SL or RL self, LOL). The glowy, uber-realistic body on these skins, plus the rich makeup coloring + perfectly pouty lips, are nothing short of exquisite. These skins have gotta be the most hands-down beautiful I have seen yet in SL. I'm wearing the Sundust Lovely II in "Fuscia 2" here.
I've also been digging these eyes from Silhouette. The "Marble Blue" on the below right are a deep grayish blue and so gorgeously reflecty. I totally forgot I had these but woweee are they stunning! The lighter icy blues ("Blue True") below left are a Skin Shape '09 Expo freebie (thanks Shania!) -- Throughout this post, I'm also wearing 2 different hairstyles in the soft brown color from Junwave. Love how natural and flowy their styles are. Don't miss Junwave's $50L discount sales that they will have from time to time (they have great men's styles as well -- Gavin scooped 1 of his favorite hairs here).
Now where'd my Sbux Caramel Mocchiato go? Guess I'll have to settle for some hot chocolate instead. Mmmm. Tasty.
Finally, check out this little poop animal buddy who was keeping me company today. Sadly, his toothy growl failed to scare anybody. He did, however, guzzle the rest of my hot chocolate + gobble all of my SL candy -- even my caramels. Cheeky li'l bugger.

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(lover of hot chocolate, caramels, + many other things that are bad for you)


Fur mini neck stole: Azul - part of the group gift - free
Miniskirt: Cherry Girl - lucky board "School Blazer" gift -
Argyle top: Thalia - Honey II - group gift - free
Tights: Vinyl Cafe - Plaid Stockings Grey - previously free
Naughty overalls outfit: Luck Inc. - "Naughty Dress Taupe"-
not free
White bikini underneath: Pixeldolls - tintable bikini - free
Pearl bracelet: Salire - group gift bracelet (Cream) - formerly free
Earrings: Donna Flora - Andrea - not free
Key necklace: G Field - GF Key Necklace- Antique Gold -
not free
Hot chocolate (animated): vMotional -
Darker "Marble Blue" (reflecty blue gray) eyes: Silhouette (main store) (store opening gift) - previously free
Light icy blue "BLue True" eyes: Silhouette @ Skin Shape Expo '09
- free at Skin Shape Expo '09
Lashes: Jade - Flugelin Brise lashes - free
Skin: Curio - Sundust (Light) - Lovely II (Fuscia 2) - not free
Side pony hair: Junwave - Iris - A Type (Brown) - not free
Long soft waves hair: Junwave - Spring Breeze (Brown) - not free
Boots: J's Ankle Boots Round - Sand - not free
Poop Animal (head or arm attachments): Gehenna -
Domo-Kun! Freaky Pumpkin hunt gift - free


Elaine said...

Hi Teshan, every time you post something I see something new that I want ^^

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, you look beautiful Tesh :) I find myself looking forward to your lists each week, can't wait for this week's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice post, luv the pics

Anonymous said...

hiya tesh the Silhouette eyes gift isn't there at the main store (the expo gift is there, very nice!!!) but there is a wonderful pair of lashes for $1L at the main store as a gift. luv the lists too

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