Sep 26, 2009

Good Sale Grabs: Atomic + Bangin' Body Designs

Two of my favorite stores are having sales this weekend and I wanted to show you this look combining items from both.

Atomic is doing its month-end 50% off sale and I grabbed this pretty "Faith" Caramel skin. Love this luscious, candy-colored rose pink lip that "fades" out (for a nice 3-D effect) at the bottom lip edges. I like that you get a freckles/no freckles option; there's also an additional sexy nude beige shiny lip that comes included with the pack.
At $500L its not supercheap even on sale, but anyone who is a fellow Atomic group member knows that their skins are really something special. Admittedly I like the faces more than the bodies of the Atomic skins, but I enjoy the expressions on my avi while wearing these skins. . . the look is take-no-shizz confident (i.e. not too girlie/innocent/sweet like most skins).

I discovered the Bangin' Body Designs store kinda by accident a few months ago and have been going back ever since for their sexy, curve-hugging designs. The entire store is 25% off this weekend.
Check out this retro-styled polka dot bodysuit which is so simple yet utterly sexy. Designer Beauty Fratica really knows how to show off a woman's assets. The classic black-and-white polka dot pattern and wide red cinch belt totally gives this look a '40s pinup style.

I found this long trailing back necklace at my old jewelry standby U&R Dogs and have been wearing it with everything. I really enjoy this piece; I rarely see back necklaces that I like and its nice that there's a "long" or "short" option. Also, its so appreciated that you can wear it with other pieces at once (loooove it when these attach to your spine so you can layer 2 necklaces at once -- all jewelry designers should please do this).

I've been wearing my BAX "Prestige" black leather boots with nearly everything so I thought I would mix it up a little by slipping on the white leather version. As with the black, the zipper, sole, etc are customizable so I made the heel and soles red to match the belt here -- so fun. Thank you BAX!

Finally, a very special thanks to Long Awkward Pose creator Dove Swanson for dropping LAP's "Female Blogger Appreciation" pose pack on me. Dove's LAP poses have long since been some of my absolute faves (all of the detail in these poses are so wonderfully geared for photogs). Thank you Dove!
The Atomic and Bangin' Body Designs sales end Sunday so scoop what you can. Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Dress: Bangin' Body Designs - Dotty (red/black) - 25% off sale
Skin: Atomic - Faith-Caramel-Smudge Tease Freckles - 50% off sale
Hair: Hair Solutions - Shae - Sable - previously free with subscribo member gift card
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Blue Autumn - free
All other jewelry: U&R Dogs (purchased at their Le Look location) - Bolero Necklace (long back necklace) + The Heart of the Ocean Necklace (blue heart charm necklace); Petit Bolero Pierced Earrings (beaded circle earrings); Ocean Bracelet (blue/diamond cuffs - free camping gift)
Diamond Pave Ring: Gems & Kisses - City-Love's Ring (Platinum) - former lucky chair gift - free
Pearl Bracelet: Salire - former group gift - previously free
Boots: BAX Prestige White Leather Boots
Poses: Long Awkward Pose - poses used include: F Blogger1; F Blogger3-Fist; Back To The Wall; Dropped Hot; Barbie7; RCD-Other Shoulder


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hi, i found you on iheartsl, wonderful finds, i will be following often :]

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I love this Atomic skin!!!!!!!!! And I agree, their all skins look wonderfull and different.

Ela :)

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there's that buttie again

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