Sep 20, 2009

You Were Made Just For Me

You know that special tingly feeling? No not that one. I mean when you see something and you get the Come To Mama, Where Have You Been My Entire Life feeling. It's instant and powerful and useless to fight it.

The "Maxi" dress from the newly-reopened House of Hucci gave me The Feeling. Designer Eboni Khan is my hero. This type of styling is so what I love to wear: deceptively simple, yet sophisticated and tailored to the nines. Love her belts too. I paired her silver "Diva Belt" in "Pink Diamond" with the dark "Iron" color and her silver "Blue Topaz" version with the white.

The vintage-styled white flat stone ring that is the Dark Mouse Jewelry Fair '09 goes perfectly with this dress. Here I went all-out on the pearls look: I doubled up the white fat pearls necklace group gift from Salire with the dainty 2-row "Vintage Pearls" necklace (previous gift from the Modavia Fashion Week gift bag).

The white "Creme" color of this dress is so crisp and fresh, and the sexy steel-gray "Iron" color is smexeh as hell. But the half-pink, half-nude coppery shimmer of the "Burnt Sienna" just screamed my name. Here's another one of the fabulous Hucci belts: this is their "Double Link Black Pearl Belt." Love the way it drapes low across the waist and dips into the tummy.

Tiny criss-cross lace-up detail on the back of this dress makes my heart sing.

As you may have suspected, this scrumptious design is not free but as responsible Fashionistas (that's Capital F, baby) we feel compelled to show you the very best stuff on the grid (not only the freebies). Don't despair: this luscious dress is reasonably priced at $225L, and the (first) hair, skin, lashes and eyes here are all my current favies and are free.

Here again are those yummy BAX "Prestige" black leather boots that I just can't get enough of. I heart them so much. I want to marry them. It might be possible that I shop too much.

An easy alternative to the boots would be any ankle bootie (for example, if you were lucky enough to grab the free N-Core stiletto ones previously blogged here -- scroll down to my Uma Therman outfit). Any modern pumps would work as well, like these shiny patent leather square-toe pumps you can win in the Love Soul lucky chairs (they now have a ton of adorable Halloween items in them as well). Love the "shine" on either side and that they're color change.

Being a jewelry designer in RL, I of course had to hit SL's Jewelry Fair '09 when it opened earlier this week. Lemme tell ya, one booth clearly stood out like a shiny gem: Donna Flora. That's right, the same designer who offers us all those generous freebies. -- The sexy, open bodice and sophisticated styling of the House of Hucci dress was ideal for showing you some of these Donna Flora pieces. Again these designs are not free, but they are reasonably priced (think mostly in the $200L-$300L range; some less) and you can still scoop her lovely mint green "Rose" ring for $1L at her main store that was previously blogged here (scroll down to the white glove ring close-up pic).

This icy "Blue Sky " set on the left here has almost a vintage feel; love the cameo pink "Deco" charm on the right (such a piece of jewelry candy for anyone who loves pink like me).

A little birdie told me that Donna Flora's designer Squinternet Larnia is actually a jewelry designer in RL, and lemme tell ya -- it shows. I am going to give her my highest compliment as a fellow jewelry designer: I would so totally wear her stuff in RL. Yeahz!

Squinternet proves herself to be a versatile designer with her showings at Jewelry Fair '09. Check out these 2 totally different styles. The "Andrea" on the left features a "cascade" of squareish bezel stones (dotted with tiny little round stones in between) builds up to the collarbone for an almost collar-like effect for a very dramatic look). I also love the totally different "Venus" necklace on the right: this dark gray metal filigree work is so feminine, especially when its cradling these light pink and violet gems.

The trailing flower blossoms in a bold hot candy pink color ("Spring," on the left) is so lovely, especially against the dark "Iron" dress as a canvas. (Love it when the blooms curl around the neck like this). I also like the cluster of dark blooms in black rhodium finish on the right, that cluster up in front of the collarbone ("Sunny Black").

Here's what I pick as one of Jewelry Fair '09's showstoppers: Donna Flora's playful, impeccably detailed "gem charm" piece called "Gabriela." The double-rope action around the neckline adds a subtle "collar" effect to this long necklace + the rich sumputousness of these gem charms is almost juicy. I absolutely adore this piece.

In general, I find that knowing what you like helps you cut out all the other nonsense and get straight to the point. A huge timesaver, really. Who says you can't learn life lessons from fashion?

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Dress (all colors): House of Hucci - Maxi Dress - not free

Hair: Noju - "No Extension" hair Peach-lucky board gift - free

Skin: Twily Thula - Panina Gift Medium - lucky board gift - free

Lashes: Jade - Flugelin Brise lashes - free

Eyes: Clover - Real Eyes #28 - Lovebirds Hunt gift - free (not sure if still available)

Boots: BAX Prestige black - not free

Jewelry in first photos:

Vintage Pearl choker necklace - Mondavia Fashion Week gift bag - previously free

Mini clock + mini pink gem charm in bottle necklace: Le*o+o - $1L

Giant pearls necklace: Salire - group gift - free

Color change pumps: Love Soul - lucky chair gift - free

Jewelry in following photos: all by Donna Flora - not free

Hair in jewelry photos: Truth - Izzy - Honey Dark - not free


Kellie said...

Hi Teshan lovely jewels I love that Gabriela necklace, now I have something else to save for ps. you look just beautiful! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi tesh u look gorgeous as always, i will be getting that Maxi dress for sure

hugs ya Gillian

Holly said...

you always find the coolest things ty ty ty!!!! i wanna model for your site too...........

Eboni Khan said...

You look great in the Maxi dress. Thank you so much for all the flattering comments! :)

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