Sep 13, 2009

Peek-A-Boo Buttie!

Sometimes people ask me what I wear when I'm not blogging the freebies. This is a look I've been parading around the grid in lately. Notice how I am quite literally + quite shamelessly putting around my buttie out for all to see here.
Buttie cleavage is not the only thing going on in this smexeh number . . . I heart the rich, rarely-seen light plum color + I'm such a permanent Luck Inc. devotee now (their naughty halter overalls are my next purchase!) The U&R (@ Car Wash) "Blume" hoops, Poetic Colors "Endless Summer" eyes, DM Designs rose cuffs bracelet (July subscribo gift, still available - hit "4" on the subscribo History) + Shampoo Lucky Board necklace are all free or $1L (love how the cherry reds on the Shampoo necklace + DM Designs roses bracelet totally match); the Dark Mouse "Colorful Cuffs" were a steal at Mouse's $9L birfday sale this week (happy bday Mousie!) These fabby fishnets are the still-available SHi freebie (truly the most detailed, finest quality fishnets I've found to date -- free!), although unfortunately this fabulous Pr!tty hair is not (but it comes with 2 very pretty and unusual "sideways" headbands).

Many thanks again to the gorges + soooo helpful Gabby McCullough for convincing me to get these black leather BAX "Prestige" boots. I am sooo utterly + completely in luuurves with them. The fit like a glove + you can color change the metal parts (even all parts of the zipper!) Some of the best (mucho $L) I ever spent. This razor-thin stiletto heel even doubles as a weapon. (Kidding, but it so could!)

Love + fashionista kisses to all!!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Anonymous said...

Teshan ...... tres jolie :)

xxxxxxx a bientot ...

Anonymous said...

hello its lisa, i love the skin and the whole look it is very sexie.i went to the hair store and could not find the hair but then i find it, very nice. thank you for all the little fashion secretes. O.o

Steve said...

the BUTTIE should be celebrated more often.

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