Jun 24, 2014

Amelie et les petites: Episode "About pigs and sharks"

Amelie et les petites: Episode "About pigs and sharks" - No mommy, I don´t want to go to the machine that turns dirty pigs into clean sharks
Adult 1 (left)
Bikini: *BOOM* Ariara Bikini (taffy) - @ Summerfest
Towel: Meli Imako Mesh Ladies Head Towel Wrap
Mesh body: (WowMeh) - Style (v 3.1)
Mesh head: TheMeshProject  - Moody
Skin/appliers: [theSkinnery] Quiana (Universal MeshHead) (honey)
Pose: Bent! - no longer available

Adult 2 (right)
Shark towel: Intrigue Co. - Shark Towel: (Gray) - @ Summerfest
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Oceana - @ Collabor88
Mesh head: Slink Visage Mesh Head - Emma
Skin applier: [theSkinnery] Xiao (Slink Visage) honey
Pose: Imeka Julliette - @ TLC  Poser Pavilion

Mesh body: (WowMeh) - Style (v 3.1)
Hands/feet: Slink

Kid 1 (left)
Bikini: *BOOM* Ariara Bikini (taffy) - @ Summerfest
Hair -LaViere- Miki/Carrot
Pose: Juxtapose - Brrrrr... Poses

Kid 2 (right)
Shark towel: Intrigue Co. - Shark Towel: (Gray) - @ Summerfest
Hair: -LaViere- Eva/Carrot
Pose: Label Motion Daenerys Pose - @ TDR

Body: ToddleeDoo Body baby Girl
Skin: VCO Skin _  LOLO <Pure>

Shower: Tartessos Arts Beach Shower - New!
Bag: AITUI - Beach Bag - Turtle Back - @ The Arcade
Towels: Sari-Sari - Summer House - @ The Arcade
Pig (bigger): Schadenfreude Messy Piggie Wiggie - @ The Arcade
Small pigs: Intrigue Co. - Wiggly Lil' Piggy Set (decor and holdable version)
Mud items: {Lil Big Me} Mud Prank Kit - Extreme Version
(includes toddleedoo messy body)

Location: The Trace

by Amelie Fravoisse