Jun 5, 2014

hi :DDD

mirror : llorisen eclectic standing mirror (cream)
plant : MadPea Bonsai (Futago)
bottles on the mirror : [ keke ] alchemist elements (fire)
rug : ANE SLON SET - Rug  (color change)
notes on the rug : [ keke ] alchemist notes RARE
torso : ::{u.f.o}:: Swan Lake, Act1 (mannequin)
coffee cup : ANE SLON SET (Coffee)
tray : floorplan. merci serving tray
lantern : Alouette Single Lantern (Plain)
book on the bed : ANE SLON SET (Book)
drawers : Apple Fall Travel Drawers
tins on the drawers : Apple Fall Tea Time Tins
flower and card on the drawers : -Tres Blah- Fairy Whispers and Daisies
cushion on the floor : junk. wannabe boho. floor cushion. three.
sign on the wall : llorisen eclectic hello sign RARE
all items from @The Arcade Gacha

skybox : (Milk Motion) flat in Montmartre (all white)
bed : [ARIA] Adelaide bed
bench : { ililo } wooden bench
light and twig : Scarlet Creative Festive Branch
frame : Picnic antique frame (natural) [ gacha ]
frame : Picnic antique frame (gold) [ gacha ]
curtain : Kalopsia Flying Curtain
light on the wall : nordari. my sad friend, the cloud. [ store closed ]
light on the floor : junk. t frame light.
books : vespertine bookstacks [ gacha ]
chair : oyasumi metal chair (wood paint)

The Arcade’s seventh Gacha Event runs from June 1st to June 30th, 2014.

from Hibari Foden