Aug 1, 2011

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

I've been having fun with recent free gifties lately + finding way funner stuff to hold than purses. -- Say, for example, this $1L bossy Kool-Aid pitcher (with free matching Kool-Aid pitcher necklaces!) + free rocket waffle gun (leg strap-on included) that actually shoots giant waffles. *aims waffle gun at Gavin; misses*
Mother Goose creator Milok Hermit is such a 'natch at finding the good stuff on her freebies blog (that's where I spied this waffle gun, shaved hair base + snakeskin leggings outfit -- all free). -- I tellya, this thing is broken or something. *aims waffle gun at Gavin's hind parts; misses again*
Stellar aim love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never read the Electric Kool-Aid book)


Hair: [Shag] - Army of Me (Women) - starlight *mwuahs Sebastien Aries*
Shaved hair base: Jomo - **JOMO** etched hair 08a - MHO6 - #161 - find/buy yellow male symbol for
$0L - free
Glasses: *Fishy Strawberry* - Vintage Candy Bar Glasses - Red
*mwuahs Fae Eriksen*
Chocolate popsicle: Liv Boutique @ Miss & Miss Project - LB-Chocolate Popsicle
(new!) - $50L *mwuahs Liv Saphir*
Leggings + top: Somapop - * [DIAPOP] * tube top + reptile leggies -PouPeeHunt - PouPeeHunt 32# - Somapop (2/2) - find/buy dolls for $0L; Make Him Over Hunt gift here too - free
Kool-Aid pitcher & Kool-Aid charm necklaces: SARS! - Drinkable Fruity Punch Kewl-Ade pitcher (wear) & Fruity Punch + Berry blue Kewl-Ade Dude Necklace - FTLO Scavenger Hunt item - find/buy the item for $1L in the store containing the prize - $1L
Rocket waffle gun: Kue - [KUE!] Toy Lasergun WFH - Waffle Hunt prize - find/buy waffle for
$0L - free
Nails: Miasnow - MIASNOW Nails - RED DARK glossy -
previously free
Bangles: Mandala - *[MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/Buddha cream white Bright A & B
Belt: Miel - TROUPE BELT - natural
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] - Lucille Boots - Coffee
Tattoo: Para Designs - Black Rose Black Light
Pose: Dare (creator Chance Greatex)