Aug 25, 2011

(Hair) YNO421 hair blonde booN
(Horns) Persiguiendo el Dragon[horns #2] La Malvada Mujer
(Earrings) Tarika Turquoise Earrings *gold* { Zaara }
(Necklace) Balini Necklace *multi-amber* (chest) { Zaara }
(Bangle) Pratha silver cuff *turquoise* (forearm L){ Zaara }
(Camisole 1) Bohemian camisole(blue) *RibboN*
(Camisole 2) Sugar Coated-Stawberry Panda Express
(Skirt) Chiffon - Silk kerchief Blue/Red - No Belt The Secret Store
(Tights) Blue wool tights The Secret Store
(Shoes) EdgyPump[Electric Blue] HOUSE OF FOX