Jun 21, 2010

Taking Over the World. . .1 Donut at a Time (My First Post!)

Hi, Gavin here. Those of you who might've seen my name before might know me as one of the manshionistas of SLexy (or at least that's what Tesh likes to call us male models) but now I'm going to open my mouth and prove I'm more than just a pretty face.

Exploring the many SIMs in SL I ran across this awesome donut cannon. Yes I said Donut. Cannon.Strapping on this monster started giving me visions of taking over the world. As in, blasting anyone who got in my way. With donuts.

Loaded up with everything from powdered donuts to my favorite (the almighty glazed donut) I was successfully TP'ing from SIM to SIM, donut conquering everywhere I went. All was going to plan until I ran into my favorite fashionista and blogger extraordinaire, Tesh.
She was armed with the only known defense, a can of Flattery Salmon. This can of flattery salmon is very powerful. It distracts an unsuspecting victim with flattering pick-up lines to move in and disable them.
As Tesh approached me I heard stuff like this:

"For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now I see that I am very much alive and heaven has been brought to me."

Then another one:
"If I received a nickel for every time I saw someone as stunning as you, I'd have five cents."

And this:
"Excuse me, I'd like to have kids someday, and I wanted to know how your parents created such a beautiful creature."

I became so distracted by all the flattery that before I knew what happened, Tesh had pinned me on the ground and knocked the donut cannon out of my hands. Thanks to a fashionista, the SL world was safe again to travel.
I would like to thank Tesh for being so supportive and helping me with my very first blog. Without her this post would not have been possible. Thank You

Gavin McGinnis
I liked writing my first blog.


Donut Cannon: [S2] Donut War (Group Gift, just click on the subscriber to get the gift)
Flattery Salmon: Grimalkin Workshop - Flattery Salmon ($30L)

on Gavin McGinnis:
Shirt: Candy Metal - Candy Metal - Gavin Outfit Shirt Black; including skinny jeans (buy sign on floor, near glass table in middle of store; still available) - $1L
Jeans; Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_VintageDenim_Black
Shoes: SoReal - Superstars black/white
Hair: Junwave - Masaki*BLACK*


Tesh said...


I ****loved**** your 1st post! Welcome to the SLexy blogging crew (finally)!!!

I also LOVED the your 1st post is a STORY. :O))) So creative + such a great read (although correction: not sure I'm anyone's fave fashionista but you, buddy hehe) :O)))

Can't WAIT to read more of your posts!!! Knew that mashionista would find the Blogger Way.


Karina Larkham said...
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Karina Larkham said...

You have proven yourself to be more then eye candy! Funny post - looking forward to more from a manshionista!

Nikita Weymann said...

Heehee, who knew my can of salmon would save the world?

Gavin said...

Thank you for all the nice comments. I didn't think my first post would be such a hit.

Tesh I'm happy that you allowed me to be part of your blog. I could not have done this post without your help. You have brought me over to the dark side. LOL

Hey Karina. I'm glad I could prove that I'm more than just eye candy. Sometimes that backfires. LOL

Nikita, your can of flattery salmon is very powerful. Everyone should have at least one in their inventory in case they run across someone trying to take over the world.

Tesh said...

G - you are amazing! :O))) Job very well done, you are a 'natch!! Yay guy bloggers!!! hehe

Karina - I'm trying to get Nikita to make a shopping bag that takes over the world next. Hehe

Thank you all for reading!!! *mwuaaaahs*


Anonymous said...

Gavin you rock... :) and you're not so shabby lookin! lol

Margaux said...

great post G look forward to seeing more from you!!! keep it up!! and the posting too

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