Jun 16, 2010

Mea Culpa

During a recent conversation with Tesh, she asked me to post a "wow" image... and I thought I would combine that request with some Mea Culpa haute couture, avantgarde gowns and talk to you a little about them.

If you are into photography, they are presently having a photo contest with a grand prize of 10K in lindens plus a Mea Culpa gown of your choice. Now, that's a lot of Lindens !! Contest rules availalbe at Mea Culpa.

mea culpa 1

Mea Culpa Japanese Sublime :

mea culpa 2

Price : 4325L

They also have a profile pic reward, 10% off discount on a gown purchase. (every little bit helps in streching those linden dollars) They also have a FREE pair of jeans by the profile pics reward sign.

Mea Culpa Purple Style Desaster :

mea culpa 3

mea culpa 4

Price : 4550L

I'm always in awe of the detail of high fashion design.. everywhere you look there is something going on with the above gown. From head to toe there is detail.. is it really such a style desaster ?

Mea Culpa's haute couture is wearable art that makes a statement.

Other credits :
Hair from Fascino (250L)
Skin : Tuli previous group gift (no longer avail. join fee 250L)


Tesh said...

Catherine!!! I looove this post!!! Avant-garde fashion pushes the envelope + I really enjoyed seeing your take on it!!! :O)))

Impeccable pictures as always!!!

xoxoxxoxoxo *mwuahs*

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