Apr 27, 2010

For Kaisei

What up mah SLexy lovelies. I am now on a souped-up laptop *kicks poor old useless computer to tha curb* so to make up for my week-long living in absentia, here's a scoop on a brand-new spanking giftie that all you flirtatiously inclined readers really must grab while you can.
My friend Saya Littlething has set out this supergirlie black lace-tinged, double pink, lace ruffled ballerina minidress for $1L in her Schoen mainstore, as a gorges gift to commemorate her little sister's new baby. Congrats on little Kaisei (which means "big star" in Japanese) + many thanks for letting us share in your oh-so-cute family occasion! *mwuahs Saya Littlething*
Back to the dress: there are 2 ways to wear this thing -- naughty or nice. Guess which one I picked first.The flouncy lace mini-ballet skirt that floats just above the buttie gives you some skin action for all you tres saucy ladies. Maybe this is the stay-at-home version. Heh.

Here's the babydoll version, along with my shiny pink "Morganite" eyes I just scooped from my go-to eye store,
Negaposi. Such a girlie look practically screamed for some rough tattoo action; luckily, my friend Kaori Masala of dEVOL had a particularly wicked one on hand. *mwuahs Kaori Masala*
These poses are also new by Schoen + will run you a very reasonable $20L each.

Now just to cute up the mix (and also 'cuz these reminded me of something you might see in a baby's room): check out these free droopy "Peeps"-like pillows that are newish in the Kue lucky board. They come in 3 colors (I managed to win the brown + the white ones shown here) + the "?" was activated when I was there yesterday. These saggy monsters clock in at a mere 1 prim each. Cuties!
Gotta embrace the happy occasions in any life (and the forthcoming celebrations too -- the best part)! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who never needs a reason to celebrate anything, really)


Pink ballet skirt dress: Schoen - Commemorative Gift (congratulations Saya's sister on the baby!) - Baby Doll (short skirt worn) - buy sign in store for $1L (until May 1 only) - $1L
Pink babydoll dress: Schoen - Commemorative Gift (long skirt worn) - included in same $1L gift as above -
Tattoo: dEVOL - Evil Tribal Tattoo (new!)
Boots: BAX - Prestige Boots black
Headband: Glow Studio - Pink Duck
Skin: LAQ - Jewel 08 [Nougat] Glow skin
DPYumYum - BarberYumYum 16/black
Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (large iris) - Morganite
Bunnies: Kue - Bunny Peep Deco White + Bunny Peep Deco Brown Spot - lucky board prizes - free
All poses by: Schoen