Apr 18, 2010

Tokyo here I come!

Well well, guess what?
Right after Tesh, Louise, Carley, me and 10,000 others were stripping PACADI JASHA store bare in the most amazing closing down sale ever!
I got a call on my Mobie ( booshakala-booshakala - yea, yea I know! crap ringtone :P lol ), it was Misaki and she told me of this great new restaurant in downtown Tokyo, you know where the animals are massaged and fed brandy or something!
Anyways you know me, I love to travel, so still with arms, legs, head, every available carrying area loaded down with sale bags I cabbed it to Heathrow, just about beat the dreadful Volcano dust!!! yuuuuck! (The pilot said he managed to fly under it or something. BA pilots are so fabby and damned clever too, this one was scrummy, hehe.
So I got to Tokyo, booked into this ultra-ultra space-age Hotel, settles a bit and opened up all the sale bags. OMG I love 'em. I decided to take the night air in the pink top and the Alexander McQueen (RIP) shoes, I must say a tad awkward to maintain my usual impecable deportment but I got there in the end.

Anyways, I got flippin mobbed, paparazzi, kids et alle, they were snapping and photo flashing omg absolutley mobbed! Aggghhhh next I find myself bundled into a Limo and driven to some massivo venue, where I was asked to get changed and hurry up cause I was on stage in 10mins!
WHAT!! "give me a Margariti and I might consider it I chuckled, oh ok then ( being game for most things), next thing I find I'm dancing centre stage at this humungous gig, and their all screaming someone else's name. Hehe, mistaken identity me thinks! oh well I LOOOOOOVE to show off.

This is your superstar "SLexy" reporter signing out ( carried by 4 tanned oiled and supa hot guys ), I may return to grey ole London one day ..... hmmmm maybe in June for Wimbeldon. Btw Tesh you'll love Tokyo. It rocks!!!!!

Apparel Details:
Pink top [PACADI] - Miu Top [blossom] (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Altobello/84/151/22)
Hair lamb. Witch - Grayscale Pack (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/72/96/26)
LINGERIE DSN: MichaMi Bustier & Cardie samples ( a free Dns gift)
shoes [PACADI] Jasha] Armadillo Plateaus (cobiscus)
glasses [LeLutka]-HYPE shades group GIFT

White [PACADI Jasha] - Aditi BodySuit (white)
(most items @ Pacadi are $25 lindens atm- go go go before it finishes)
XXX Rene


Tesh said...

RENEEEEEE!! *bows to her fashionista royalty highness* You look Gaga-fabby (the ultimate fashionista compliment??) + these photos are TO. DIE!! :O)))

*fake slaps Rene's fancy sunglasses for daring to hit Tokyo without moi* Smooochies dahling!!


Louise said...

Go Rene!! Awesome shop! ugh swimming through lag!


Gavin said...

Your new post is really good. Im glad to see you do a new post.
Sounds like an awesome trip and done in style too. Can I be one of your groupies? I'm really good at carrying a lot of shopping bags. LOL

Blair said...

Aww! For some reason I can't go into that sim for some reason :(

Rene Caerndow said...

Ty Tesh (muahhh), Louise (muahhh) and Gav (muahh) for your kind words. Seem like they still believe I'm Lady Gaga, mind you I must say I think my singing's wicked too. See you all too can be international POPSTARS, it's easy! and fun fun fun!
Aww ty Gav, but I can't believe Tesh would ever allow you, she's always saying "I can't survive without Gav to carry my bags".
XXX Rene

Tesh said...

Blair - the store has closed :( The sale was on the weekend . . .


Blair said...

That sucks :( Problem, is, I heard about the sale then and couldn't get into the sim then either >.< Just my luck.

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