Mar 30, 2010

Oh Shiz, Somebody Let Loose Mah Stray Pig

One of my fave stores for grungy cute stuffs, Stray Pig (which has 3 lucky boards w/ free adorable animals btw) is having a mini-hunt right now where you can grab all kinds of cute things. I have literally zero time today *stabs RL* so I'm gonna point you in the direction of the web page which details all the info. Google Translate, man. It's easy and essential in life. *mwuahs* to creator YonYon Yip (and my girl Kaori Masala) for telling me about this awes hunt!
These items are suuupercute and some of them, like a really cute ladder and bed, have animations built-in.
There's even a grungy house.
The bed gives you a tossing animation which is cute.
This free pincushion seat just seemed to belong here. Love these Stray Pig curtains too, which flutter when you move them.
I will point out these absolutely fabby jewels by my girl Misti Merryman, who just can't seem to stop creating yummie gorges things. Just check out these rich colors + fluttery flower brooch; absolutely luhs that this necklace drapes wide, from shoulder to shoulder. *mwuahs Misti*
I also wanted to show you some of the recent stuff at PopArt, that crazy $1L everything furniture store. These hangers in particular are ahhhhdorables. The purplish plant (nice + tall) + tray of tea is oh-so-cute too.
That's it 'cuz I gotta ruuun! Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
*stabs RL again*

Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust [Dark] Winter-Frost 2
Dress: Inga Wind - Spring Fae in Gold Dress
Hair: Lamb - Oh Sugar - Powder w/ Black Roots
Shoes: Nardcotix (not sure if this is the right SLurl, the store was under construction) - Regekah Pumps Bubblegum/Black Heel
Necklace: Ganked - Flutter Necklace in Blue
Bracelets: Ganked - Michi Bracelets (Gold/Blue)
Earrings: Ganked - Shyayn Earrings
Socks: Scribble - Floppy Bow Socks - previously free
Tattoo: Freezepoop @ Spring Bazaar - Sparkle Jumpsuit - Sweets Sleeves Faded Undershirt - $20L
Eyes: Negaposi - Lunar Eyes (Azur)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Poses by: pda (store closed)
Pin cushion seat: Doppelganger Inc. - Pin Cushion -