Mar 6, 2010

Sorry I Threw A Burger At Your Head

The OmNomNom Hunt started this week + it's a droolworthy dream for us SL foodies. Gavin + I only just started the hunt but already there's so many fun things. Here's a li'l taster of these delectable free goodies.

Head burger by Sanu.
Doughnut plates by Concrete Flowers in various sizes, piled high with treats + saying perfectly rude things in chat when you click upon them.
Gavin's doughnuts:

[10:12] Gavin McGinnis: Hey! I am too hungry to share my donuts. Sorry about that :P
[10:12] Gavin McGinnis: Did your parents never teach you not to put your fingers on other peoples munchies?!
[10:12] Gavin McGinnis: You know what? I am SICK of people trying to eat my donuts!
[10:12] Gavin McGinnis: I have a huge plate full of tasty sweet donuts and you don't :P
[10:12] Gavin McGinnis: You can look at all these yummy donuts but NOT touch them!
[10:12] Gavin McGinnis: HANDS OFF MY DONUTS! Mine, mine, MINE!

My doughnuts:

[10:14] Teshan2222 Wycliffe: My grandma made these donuts ONLY FOR ME! MY GRANDMA AND MY DONUTS! :)
[10:14] Teshan2222 Wycliffe: Would you please stop touching my donuts? You didn't even wash your hands!
[10:15] Teshan2222 Wycliffe: D: Whats wrong with you! Get your own donuts!

. . . and more anti-social pronouncements like that. It's awes.

Floating fast food meal from someplace that is new to me, Endless Dreams. There were tons of fighting AOs here too; such a cool store.
Aerial burger "swim" floater also by Endless Dreams. The gift here also includes a giant floating shake drink with bendy straw which spins you round + round. ZOMG cute.
There's also a $10L gatcha machine here where you can win this sweet hard candy lollipop in various shiny colors, as well as other floating sweet treats like gummy bears.
Finally, check out these crazy ice creams by Cutie Honey that you can wear or hold. -- Ice cream drips are tres good for the scalp; it's the latest beauty craze.
I recently did a post for Free*Style on how certain ice cream appendages can increase your um, confidence by 500%. As Gavin observed, this one's confidence-increasing power would be more like, 5000%.
Many thanks to G for being the usual Huntmaster. Nom nom love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who luhs to load up on 0 cal SL food)


Head hamburger: House of Sanu - OmNom Burger (for head) - OmNomNom Hunt #05 (no hint; it's obvious) -
Big donuts (on
Tesh): Concrete Flowers - Yummy Donuts Big - OmNomNom Hunt #06 (buy burger; HINT: potted flowers brighten up any day!) - free
Smaller plate of donuts (on
Gavin McGinnis): Concrete Flowers - Yummy Donuts Two Hands - OmNomNom Hunt #6 (same hint as above) - free
Burger floater + meal floater: Endless Dreams - Burger Float and Meal Float - OmNomNom Hunt #01 -
Green lollipop ride floater: Endless Dreams - GreenLolipopF -
$10L gatcha
Ice creams: Cutie Honey - Ice cream dress set - OmNomNom Hunt #02 -

Tank top: PARADISIS - Spicy Top Pink -
!SyDS! - Brilliant Snowy Flower Bracelet - free
Pop Feel - Venus Eeys M-Rainbow - lucky board prize - free
Pants: Prelude - Leather Jodhpur Slacks Blush
Nardcotix - Rebekah Pumps Bubblegum/Black heel
Necklace, ring + earrings: Donna Flora - Pink
Hair: Zero Style - Sharon (Dark Chocolate)
Skin: Curio - :GP: Sundust Frex [Dark] Winter-Cashmere 1
Glow Studio - Avantgarde.eyelashes - Linkas - previous $14L sale
Stomach tattoo: Moloko - V-day Love Wings Tattoo -
previous $10L sale

Poses by: Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose


Gavin said...

I love this new post. It was so fun to do the shoot with you and mess around will all the cool gifts from the hunt.

I did say duck before I threw the burger. Maybe next time you won't try and take all of my donuts. LOL

Keep up the great work Tesh. The pictures are amazing.

Tesh said...

Wow thanks for such a nice note G ;o) The burger was a bitch to get outta my hair tho! You have quite the baseball arm there buddy!! xoxoxooxoxo

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