Oct 10, 2009

Can I Get A Side of Fries With That?

Some people may never understand why its so so fun to play with your food. We feel sorry for those people.

Food inspires the most whimsical playthings in SL. We thought it would be a hoot to take time out from our usual fashionista grind and show you some of the yummiest edibly-inspired goodies on the grid. (Luckily, my personal dose of SL sugar Gavin McGinnis cheerfully volunteered for the job).

Mouth treats are the classic SL toy. Not only do these call to our inner kid, they're just so darn tootin' cute. Here I am wearing Famish's former "Peanut butter cookie for your mouth!" lucky board gift. -- Who wouldn't go "ooooooh" to this tasty treat? I think Gavin was a bit jealous that he didn't win one. (Sure he coulda paid for one, but free always tastes better -- no?)

Candy, however, is still the original gangsta of mouth treats + its everywhere now with Halloween around the corner. Here's me + Gavin loading up on our fave sweet tooth goodies. Gavin loves him some Hello Kitty PEZ. Me -- I went for the candy apple/strawberry lolli/Pocky combo. As might be expected, we were bouncing off the walls after our greedy sugarfest.
Gavin's candy:
"Hello Kitty" PEZ candy dispenser mouth treat: Lostwood - free
Halloween pumpkin lolli:
Snowy Kiss - free
Tesh's candy
Candy apple - former Drowsy festival gift - free
Pocky - Ayumi -
Strawberry lolli - APEWISDOM (join "Lithium" group in Search; gift in past Notices) - free
Poses: Olive Juice - opening gift - free

The next-gen of mouth treats have gotta be those that actually go in your mouth -- and even come with a mix 'n match facial emoter (so you can customize your expressions while eating!) One of SL's masters of foodstuff fashions, House of Sanu, offers these teeny tiny bunnies that hold hands in your mouth. These are just O-M-G-AHZ adorable. Like, smack you over the head, spit-in-your-face adorable. Luuurve!
Tiny bunnies mouth treats: House of Sanu - "Tiniest Bunneh Lovers" - $25L gatcha (random selection)

And then you have your interactive sweets (i.e., those that come with lively animations). I've been a longtime fan of these li'l round lollipops from Blow-Up that come with an enthusiastic tongue licking ani. The best part? The licking is um, quite vigorous. Your avi will really go after that tootsie roll center, LOL.Licking lollipops (color fatpack): Blow-Up - free (click on red gumball machine in back of store)

The best thing about SL virtual treats? Zero calories, so indulge away! Here's Gavin and I feasting on the giant ice cream cone at Elisa Poses. Ice cream is diet food, you know.
Some people just can't help themselves.
Speaking of ice cream cones, this giant ice cream cone seat (with 2 sitting poses) was the former Addiction Hunt gift from Kue. Look at Gavin being all dramatic about how much he enjoyed these frosty treats.
OK maybe its not really edible (because clearly, reality is our main concern here), but is there anything yummier than . . . money? And what could be more delicious than eating your money on this . . . made-of-dollar-bills rug? This lovely money rug is not only made of fluttering money, there are all sorts of dances and other gleeful animations in it. Oh, such silliness. Oh, if only SL were RL.
Dollar bill mouth treat: Luck Inc. - free
Dollar bill rug: Cutie Honey - lucky board gift -

Food doesn't just go on (or in) your mouth. Oh no. The DPYumYum group had this marvelous triple muffin "ear"s hat + doughnut glasses gift (for like a minute before it was gone). The crowning touch is the juicy cherry dangling from your mouth. Tres ladylike, I say.
Hat: DPYumYum - former group gift - previously free
Poses: Slow Kitchen ($1L set) and
Long Awkward Pose ($50L Fridays set)

There are so many ways to adorn your avi with little yummies (for example, the Amacci store has a new dramatically high updo hair gift, crowned with a pumpkins hairband). Check out House of Sanu's adorable classic updo twist hair below -- prettily studded with tiny little candy pumpkins. Not to be left out, Gavin hit their Lucky Cupcake and Om Nom Nomed his way to a green swirly cupcake skullcap. -- Doesn't he look supa gangsta with this thing on? OK, maybe not so much.
Tesh's hair with mini candy pumpkins: House of Sanu - "Custom Texture Tester - Pumpkins!" - formerly $1L
Bottlecap earrings: !SyDS! Bottle Cap Pierced (green) - group gift - free
Gavin's green cupcake skullcap: House of Sanu - lucky cupcake gift - free
poses: Ks2Cool pose package - $5L

You gotta love it when food becomes inspiration for clothing itself. Check out Clover's fashion homage to everyone's favorite bad-for-you breakfast meat (and eggs!) I love how this bacon & eggs dress is not only edibly inspired, but the criss-cross bodice + the snug fit actually make this a sexy number to wear.
Dress: Bacon N Eggs Dess: Clover - group gift - free
All poses by: Penny Dreadful Arcade
- $50L Fridays set

Candy accessories are also a longtime universal fave. We've previously blogged the scrumptious candy jewelry by Violet Voltaire, but there's tons of other dessert concoctions that won't dent your pocketbook. The lucky board at Last Ride will gift you these adorable slushy pendants (complete with mini "shovel" spoon) -- and you get 3 colors! For those who like their treat charms daintier-sized, the lucky cupcake outside Dollhouse @ LVS is giving adorable charm necklaces, like this "Summer Shake" charm (love the tiny cherry on top) floating on a yellow gold chain.
left: "Summer Shake" necklace - Dollhouse@ LVS - lucky cupcake gift - free
Rainbow slushy charm necklace: Last Ride - lucky board gift - free

At the risk of O.D.'ing on the insanely cute, how's about these pose stands that are pieces of fruit? Ridic adorable and a steal at only $5L each. (Although Gavin thought the banana looked like, um, something else). Never let your avi straddle an ugly pose stand ever again!

Fruits pose stands: No. 3 Feathers Interior - $5L each

All this foodstuffs got me and Gavin into a competitive mood. Short of having a proper food fight, Gavin and I agreed to have a li'l glasses face-off. Gavin's glasses were made entirely of Smarties candy; mine were the whipped cream variety. Smarties vs. whipped cream: Ooooh this glasses face-off will be close!

READY . . .
SET . . .
Wait! In an unexpected move, Gavin suddenly pulls the old "pumpkin glasses with red chili peppers" swap out. Drat!
Kitty judge says . . .
Gavin inches ahead to victory. Tough match! Good call, kitty judge. Nice face-off, guys.

Smarties candies glasses: Spoonful of Sugar - Smarties Glasses (group favour) - free
Whipped cream glasses: Monkichi -
formerly free (store closed)
Pumpkin red chili flame glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs PumpkinGlasses
- not free
Bandaged Kitty: Pink Fuel - "Bandaged Kitty" lucky chair gift - free
Poses include: HNFactory (previously free - store closed); Kru ($10L - $20L each);
Olive Juice - free
Facial emoter: Adorkable - free

Then there's the old "eat food off me" naughtiness that is so perfect for SL play. This 100% fruits "outfit" from Gumi's Bad Box strategically places pieces of fruit over your naughty bits. The best part? Anyone can click the fruits off you (so you might want to wear it at home only) which can lead to some interesting moments. (For example, I learned that Gavin is quite the master clicker, despite my very flowy AO). Let's just say I can now confirm that every girl should remember to have their serving of fruits every day!
Fruits costume outfit (detachable by others with a click): Gumi's Bad Box - Eat Fruits - $99L
Skin: Bishwear - DBS Kendall - former 2-day gift - previously free
Shoes: YourSin & YourShape - Illetes - SIM opening gift - 3-day free gift
Poses: Striking Poses ($1L group price) and Penny Dreadful Arcade - $50L Fridays set

How's about a tasty avatar as a snack? Check out this giant frying pan where you can literally fry yourself + a friend (see your avi's head, arms + feet wiggle around frantically while you are sizzling, tee hee). The melting pat of butter + giant bacon & eggs are the perfect touch. Here's Gavin cooking himself with our good friend Ela Teardrop (who's smokin' a ciggie for that extra tasty flavor). We stuck a fork in Gavin 'cuz he was done.
Giant frying pan (w/ animations): Agent Orange - MM board gift - free
Gavin's T-shirt: Baby Rush @ KDC Mall - Orange/Black T-shirt - free
Gavin's slippers: A.S.S. Burberry Slippers - $1L
Gavin's jeans: Zoobang - former hunt gift - previously free

Where's the ketchup when you need it? Oh, there it is. The "high calorie" kind, just like the sign says. Yummm-eeeeeee.
There's probably something deeply metaphorical about giant food that you can't quite get your arms around, but we just thought it was some good clean fun. Here's Gavin snuggling into a ginormous sandwich bed. Puffy rolls make such comfy blankets, hee hee.
You didn't know that pancakes were made for lounging? No? Shame on you.Playing with giant food was strangely tiring, so we jumped into these tall shakes for some cool refreshment. It was actually quite invigorating. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
Some people just can't resist a mug of delicious hot chocolate.
Too bad it was steaming hot.
As in RL, sometimes on the grid you run across something odd + totally inexplicable. Here was my encounter with a rotund puffy creature devouring a chocolate candy bar. With his lavendar sunhat, robustly poofy cheeks and intensely methodical chewing with great conviction, there was something about him that was almost sinister. I scooted outta there pretty quick.
I've become a huge fan of the Le*o+o store for their floaty "treat seats" that hover in the air (perfect for stylish lucky board stalking). My gf
Phoenix Metaluna is wearing their pink frosting/candy cane concoction; I'm lounging on their most recent lucky board prize, this giant cookie jar with delicious cookies tucked inside that say "EAT ME." Check out the crazy assortment of "flair" hanging on the side of the jar (see left). You can even tp while wearing it and arrive in yummy style! I so heart these delightfully fanciful creations. Only in SL.

Did you know that food can be a great way to release your aggressions? I totally recommend this free pretzel throwing toy from the superfun Kattastrophe store. Here's moi + gf Dorothy Button having a blast hurling these pretzels that were larger than our heads. Such an awesome cardio workout too!
I'll close this post by sharing with you what happened the last time I was hanging out with everyone's fave fashionista queens Margaux DuFaux and Rene Caerndow and I shared with these ladies "A Glass of Your Finest Cupcake Wine" (an attachment from my friend Jenna -- although a mystery where to find it again). Marg and Rene couldn't stop guzzling the sweet stuff. I did an oopsie when I forgot to warn them how strong it is. One sip and these two elegant ladies were guffawing, swaying precariously from side to side, and then rocking that ultimate classy move -- the faceplant.
And these two ladies are usually so dignified. Sad, really.
To all our SL designers paying homage to all things food: you make our lives magically delicious. To everyone else: Bon appetit!

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(a RL food critic + generally critical of nearly everything else)

On Tesh:
White dress: Cherry Girl - Hapiko's MiniDressWhite - lucky board gift - free
Strawberry lollipop - APEWISDOM (join "Lithium" group in Search; gift in past Notices) - free
Rainbow slushy charm necklace: Last Ride - lucky board gift - free
Bottlecap earrings: !SyDS! Bottle Cap Pierced (green) - group gift - free
Gloves: Para Designs - Leather Kitty Gloves - Dark Pink - MM board gift - free
Red plaid knee-high socks: N*Cotton - RockGirl - $10L
Skin: Bishwear - DBS Kendall - former 2-day gift -
previously free
Eyes: Silhouette - "Marble Blue" store opening gift - previously free
Bracelets: Zaara - Indra painted stacked bangles (gold) - not free
Roller Skates: Pixel Mode - Roxy Roller (black or white; wheels changeable), with animation - $50L everything sale
Hair: Zero Style - Camille (Strawberry Chocolate) -
not free

Cinnamon Roll - RazzBerry - MM board gift - free
Tank top: KIDISH - Cookie Monster tank - not free
Jeans: NonaHoo Designs - MediumBlueRipped (Snug Fit) -
not free *NOTE: THESE JEANS ARE SOME OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN IN SL -- GO GET THEM!! (I got the colors fatpack)
White Thong: Nyoko's - Kini Latex (White) - not free
Bunny strap: BENI* - Rabbit Doll-Strap - lucky board gift - free
Roller Skates: Pixel Mode - Roxy Roller (black or white; wheels changeable), with animation - $50L everything sale
Gloves: Para Designs - Leather Kitty Gloves - Dark Pink - MM board gift - free
Hair: Zero Style - Camille (Strawberry Chocolate) - not free
Skin: Bishwear - DBS Kendall - former 2-day gift - previously free
Bracelets: Zaara - Indra painted stacked bangles (gold) - not free
Above poses by: Kru - $10L - $20L each

On Gavin:
Sweater: Alphamale & Blacklace - Sweater (blue) - Pumpkin Print hunt gift - free
Jeans: Zoobang - Cali jeans - former hunt gift - previously free
Shoes: SOREAL - Superstars black/white - not free
Hair: Junwave - Natural Short (black) - former $50L sale
Skin: BeReal - Exclusive Max Skin - previously free
Eyes: Reale - Vivid Eyes enhanced (Greenish blue) - not free
Tattoo: Aitui - Vintage Hawaii (faded) - not free
Poses by: Gliteratti - Breast Cancer Awareness Male Poses - free
Juice box drink: Kue - daily gatcha gift - free
Shopping cart: Cri-Cri (profile picks rewards gift, poses not included) - free


Hugs + kisses to my friends Ela Teardrop, Dorothy Button,
Margaux DuFaux and Rene Caerndow for so graciously participating in my li'l SL food bonanza.

A very special thank-you to my boo
Gavin McGinnis for helping me showcase the wild + wacky world of SL foodstuffs. G -- you are such a honey bear. Remind me to send some giant honey sticks your way. No bees, I promise.


Anonymous said...

Adorable and fun post. Love Gavin falling into the giant coffee cup. And that adorable girl throwing giant pretzels at you. You look gorgeous as always :) Now if you excuse me, I have to run to the fridge.

Anonymous said...

so cute .. where is the whipped cream and strawberries

Phoenix said...

TESH!! This post is ADORABLE!!!! I can't decide whether I'm hungry for food or clothes after reading it, but either way, I love it!!!!!!

And the face off? Man, you were ROBBED, I say!!!! Just kidding Gavin...........

Lindsey said...

How refreshing to come across a post that is actually an interesting read that presents fashion in a creative way, not just "this is what i am wearing today blah". Well done. I will be reading often

Anonymous said...

hi tesh its jen i met u on the mm boards, you look beautiful, esp luv the sexy fruits pic! how cute are those hello kitty gloves! xx

Rene Caerndow said...

Fabilicious blog Tesh, I love your style and content is always so fun!
You have to be the most prolific blogger out there.

oh btw , still suffering from a hangover! Slurp slurp the evian!

xxx Rene.

Gavin said...

I loved this post. There is something in it for everyone. It was a blast to model for and even more fun to read. I did have to pull out my secret weapon to beat you in the glasses face-off. We can always have a rematch. LOL

Tesh said...

Awww you guys, thank you soooo much reading + for the superkind words!!! Oh and G -- them's fightin' words. You want a rematch? You got it, buddy.

Gavin said...

It's ON. Name the time and place and I'll be there.

Tesh said...

You asked for it buddy! Better bring something more than those pumpkin chili ones, you are gonna need it!!

Gavin said...

I have another secret weapon that I have been saving just for this. You better have something really good this time.

Tesh said...

To quote the immortal Lady Gaga, I'm not bluffin with my muffin. Bear hair's gonna fly -- I promise you that much.

Gavin said...

Quoting the immortal Lady Gaga won't help you win. You are no match against my secret weapon.

Tesh said...

It's definitely time for the bear muzzle. I know I have one somewhere.

Gavin said...

"GRRRRRR" There it's off. The muzzle didn't work. LOL. I think you're getting a little scared of my secret weapon.

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