Oct 13, 2009

If You Gotta Cover Up, For Love of @#$! Make It Sexy

Like a pesky nosy neighbor who won't leave you alone (can you tell I'm a die-hard NYCer?) the cold weather has fussed about, settled in + refused to budge. *Grumbles, puts away bikinis, throws one last tantrum* Okay, now we're good. Tee hee.

A nip in the (RL) air makes me think sweatery thoughts, so I've been lounging around in some of the prettiest sweater dresses + button-downs on the grid -- that are free! (Most of these gifts hit the blog circuit last week, but I'm a little behind due to my food mega-post). These buckle booties from G Field were totally giving that half-heels, half-bootie Prada vibe. Such a scrumptious pumpkin color too. And the pose? Comes with the purse!
Lesson of the day: if you must cover up that fine SL bod, do it in these vibrant hues. Don't these clothes just make you wanna grab some hot cocoa and lounge lazily near a fireplace somewhere? Preferably with pumpkin twig in mouth, of course.
These shots were taken in-world at one my fave winter hideaways, the Ava Lounge ski lodge. Guess what? The snow is free there. Bonus!
I've been living for this button-down shirt from Shampoo (actually unbuttoned semi-scandalously down). The grape and strawberry-like patches of color are so yummy. And who says you can't wear mittens if you're not 4 years old? Not me!
The Honey*Soul $20L sale has some great finds, like this raspberry scoopneck knit dress. The rich berry color went perfectly with these Mary Jane platforms I found at Pixel Mode's $50L everything sale, and the white fur stole is from the Pinky*Gals group gift (so many neck stoles have been gifted recently that I find I've been collecting them. Let's see, pink, beige, black, white . . . . red next please! And while I'm asking, lemme get a new (RL) car too . . . and some Cheetos. The puffy kind).
Check out this triple-choker necklace from U&R Dogs. You get over 80 colors in it (it's color change, so you can matchy-matchy your outfits to high heaven) + the 3x wraparound, dip-into-your-cleavage effect is so smexeh. The best part? It's free!
Now you'll have to excuse me as I try to answer this age-old question: what do 4 giggling girls + a champagne bottle have in common? Why, lingerie of course! Stay tuned.

Love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who thinks that everyone should get to wear bikinis all year round. Oh wait -- in SL, you can!)

Skin in 1st pic: Bishwear - Kendall - former 2-day gift - formerly free
Eyes in 1st pic: Silhouette - "Marble Blue" store opening gift - previously free
Hair in 1st pic: Zero Style - Camille (Strawberry Chocolate) - not free
Blue dress: Salire - Knit Long (Blue) - group lucky board gift - free
Scarf: G Field - Knit Muffler (Stripe) - $1L
Purse: Magi Take Shop - leather purse (pumpkin) - $1L
Boots: G Field - Short Belt Boots Emma (pumpkin) - $30L
Patchwork shirt: Shampoo - Check Shirt (Red) - group gift -
Dark long hair (with Shampoo shirt): Zero Style - Camille (Dark Chocolate) - not free
Boots: Decoy - Jully boots (Berry) - formerly free
Jeans: NonaHoo - BlackRipped (snug fit) - not free
Skin (in all other pics except 1st pic above): Curio -
Vixen II - Sundust Frex (Light) - Comet 1 and 2 - not free
Eyes (in all other pics except 1st pic above): Curio - Tragic Lisa Frank (Shine) Large - group gift - free
Mittens: Noir Lolita - Sky Mitten gloves - $1L
Necklace: U&R Dogs - Partita Necklace (color change - 80+ colors) - lucky chair gift - free
Bracelets: Zaara - Indra painted stacked bangles (gold) - not free
Bobble hat hair - Drop LB hair4 (NOTE: to enter the DROP store, walk to the BACK of the room where this landing point is + click on the "DROP" sign to teleport) - lucky board gift - free
Pumpkin mouth sprig: BP* Sprig/Iwaki/2009-10 pumpkin - group gift (join "Bp*Update" group for $0L; gift in Notices) - free
Pink dress: Honey*Soul - Knitted Mini Dress (Berry) - $20L sale
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Kavika Sheen (Bow Strap) - Hot Pink - $50L sale
White fur stole: Pinky*Gals - from the group dress gift - free
Knee-high socks: Tyranny - South for the Winter (Goose) - socks fatpack gift - free

Poses used throughout: Gliteratti - Mens' + Womens' Breast Cancer Awareness poses - free


Holly said...

I'm heading to that lucky chair now for that necklace

Anonymous said...

Hello Teshan. I wanted to say I really enjoy doing your freebie shopping lists each week. They are so fun and you manage to find the nicest things. I now enjoy reading your blog too. And I am saving up for this wonderful Curio skin. Thank you and please keep it up.


Kylie said...

Amazing tip re: the HoneySoul sale. U always have the best tips!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i am in luv with those shoes! bye bye Linden

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