Mar 2, 2015

Daphne In Springtime.

The new March round of The Arcade has many "of the forest"-type things pulled straight from a fairytale, to stir up the fresh promise of Spring. -- To me, today's look recalled the tragic tale of Daphne, the beautiful nymph who could only dodge the ever-persistent god Cupid (Eros) by turning herself into a laurel tree. -- Which just goes to show that the whole thing of females resorting to extreme measures to avoid unwanted attention actually dates back to ancient times. -- Too bad they didn't have Facebook's "Name & Shame Stalkers" thing back then, eh? Daphne would've Bawse Bished that Eros in no time.
Daphne In Springtime.
Daphne in Springtime love + fashionista kisses to all!



new items at The Arcade:
Baby unicorn companion: +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade - +Half-Deer+ Dik-Dik - Galaxy Unicorn RARE
Hummingbird: +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade - Spring Eternal - Hummingbird - Jewel (wear) 
Book: +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade - Spring Eternal - Book of the Butterfly (rez)

new items at Collabor88:
Skin: Glam Affair @ Collabor88 - Sia Europa - 05 G (new!) *double mwuahs Aida Ewing & M4ri1yn Magic*
Dress: Tee*fy @ Collabor88 - Freya Dress Short - S - Nude (new!) *mwuahs Azure Electricteeth*

new items at Shiny Shabby:
Pearl double-stud earrings: [MANDALA] @ Shiny Shabby - PINK_FATPACK [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3 - [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3(WHITE) (new!) *mwuahs Kikunosuke Eel*
Pearl multi-ropes choker: [MANDALA] @ Shiny Shabby - PINK_FATPACK [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3 - Choker [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3(WHITE) (new!) *mwuahs Kikunosuke Eel*
Pearl multi-ropes bracelet: [MANDALA] @ Shiny Shabby - PINK_FATPACK [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3 - Bracelet [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3(WHITE) (new!) *mwuahs Kikunosuke Eel*
Pink pearl single drop pendant: [MANDALA] @ Shiny Shabby - PINK_FATPACK [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3 - Pendant(B) [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3(PINK) (new!) *mwuahs Kikunosuke Eel*

Hair: TRUTH HAIR - Delphine; worn with TRUTH HAIR Delphine [Flowers Front add attach] & TRUTH HAIR Delphine [Butterflies Front add attach] (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Eyes: IKON - Charm Eyes - Brown (ML) - paid VIP group gift - free 
Ring: Lazuri @ Purple Moon (old hunt item) - previously free
Pose: Le Poppycock - *Cakewalk* Female (TCF Bloggers) *double mwuahs Julliette Bade & Olivia Lalonde*