Dec 7, 2014

Midnight Munchies.

In Winter, one's thoughts turn to Santa and . . . those yummie holiday noms.
Midnight Munchies.As per usual with this event, The Arcade has turned out some top-quality tasty finds: amongst my personal faves are this scrumptious fruit and cheese plate (complete with li'l tartines) by Tres Blah; and this personal hot chocolate machine by What Next is a must whilst waiting for Santa. Some snowy friends came to visit my midnight munchies table here, including this pretty pair of kissing owls + also this lovely otter-like creature by Half-Deer (don't worry, I made the otter wash his feets first before stomping all over the cheese, hehe).

Midnight munchies love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

all new items at The Arcade:
Chest w/ table towel: 8f8 @ The Arcade - 13_8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Chest (new!) *mwuahs iBi*
Wire wrapping tissue basket (placed on side of table): Second Spaces @ The Arcade - Wrap It Up - tissue paper (new!) *mwuahs Elle Kirshner*
White animal (placed on cheese): +Half-Deer+ @ The Arcade - Winter Whimsy - Snowy Ermine c/m (new!) *mwuahs Halogen Magic* 
Hot chocolate machine: {what next} @ The Arcade - Holiday Red Hot Chocolate Machine RARE  COPY (new!) *mwuahs Winter Thorn*
Pocket watch necklace (on hot chocolate machine): Birdy/Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Pocket Watch Necklace - Gold (new!) *double mwuahs Nina Helix & Tyr Rozenblum*
Cocktail forks: Lost Junction @ The Arcade - [LJ] Holiday Party - Forks (Gold) (new!) *mwuahs Tala Laval*
Egg rolls platter: Lost Junction @ The Arcade - Holiday Party - Lumpia (Filipino Egg Roll) (new!) *mwuahs Tala Laval*
Cheese board: -tres blah- @ The Arcade - Soiree - Cheese Tray RARE (new!) *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg*
Donuts: -tres blah- @ The Arcade - Soiree - Donuts (new!) *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg*
Pink molded jellos: -tres blah- @ The Arcade - Soiree - Jello (new!) *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg*
Pom pom danglies: -tres blah- @ The Arcade - Soiree - Pom Poms (new!) *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg*
Wooden white antlers: ASO! @ The Arcade - Antler (white) (new!) *mwuahs Menieelee Gelles*
Wooden brown snowflakes: ASO! @ The Arcade - Snow Crystal (dark) (new!) *mwuahs Menieelee Gelles*
Wooden white snowflakes: ASO! @ The Arcade - Snow Crystal (white) (new!) *mwuahs Menieelee Gelles*
White wooden wreath: ASO! @ The Arcade - Wreath (snow) (new!) *mwuahs Menieelee Gelles*
White snowy branch: *LODE* @ The Arcade - Head Accessory - Ice Berries [white] RARE (new!) *mwuahs Chirzaka Vlodovic*
Red nutcracker: B.C.C @ The Arcade - My prince-Nutcracker Red RARE (new!) *mwuahs Vitamingirl*
Blue nutcracker: B.C.C @ The Arcade - My prince-Nutcracker Blue (new!) *mwuahs Vitamingirl*
Fake santa beard: ASO! @ The Arcade - IamSanta! RARE (new!) *mwuahs Menieelee Gelles*
Star pole (in mini log box): PILOT @ The Arcade - Christmas Village 2 - Star Pole [c] (new!) *mwuahs Kaz Nayar*
Mini log box: MudHoney @ The Arcade - Log Box (new!) *mwuahs Rayvn Hynes*
Glass trees: MudHoney @ The Arcade - Mercury Glass Trees (new!) *mwuahs Rayvn Hynes*
String ornaments: MudHoney @ The Arcade - Bulb Garland (new!) *mwuahs Rayvn Hynes*
Lightbulb arrow: tarte. @ The Arcade - barn arrow (painted) (new!) *mwuahs Alixxbella*
Empty chips wrapper (tucked under table towel): SORGO @ The Arcade - Geek Chips (new!) *mwuahs Arscene Dubrovna*
Carrot cake slice: erratic @ The Arcade - 30.erratic / cwe - carrot cake (new!) *mwuahs Claire Soderstrom*
Books stack w/ cappucino: erratic @ The Arcade - 28.erratic / cwe - stack of books (new!) *mwuahs Claire Soderstrom*
Owls: ISPACHI @ The Arcade - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Snowy Owls (new!) *mwuahs Andred Qinan*
Red ornaments: Pixel Mode @ The Arcade - Ornament - Red - The Arcade Season of Giving - free