Dec 29, 2014

Crepes Fantasy.

And in the true holiday spirit of over-indulgence in sweet treats, I couldn't resist this pretty crepes maker by The Secret Store, which I scoopied whilst doing the hunt at Inspiration Point. You get both the crepes maker (which comes w/ handy tools) and this scrumptious chocolate-drizzled crepe for a measly $100L; now if only one like this cost so little in RL, hehe. -- I couldn't resist piling on more yummies (many of which were previously free finds) to concoct the ultimate DIY-style fantasy crepes & waffles station (I suspect the kitty had a good time, too).
Crepes Fantasy.  
Crepes fantasy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe


Bunny mug w/ whipped cream: Schadenfreude @ Collabor88 - Bunny Creature Comfort Mug (new)! *mwuahs Allegory Malaprop*
Crepe maker w/ tools (includes chocolate drizzled fancy crepe on napkin): The Secret Store @ Inspiration Point Market - Crepissimo (new!)
Hot chocolate display w/ mugs, marshmallows & whipped cream: -tres blah- @ The Arcade - Soiree - Hot Cocoa RARE (new)! *mwuahs Julliette Westerburg* 
Kitty (unlinked from puppy): ISPACHI @ The Arcade - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws RARE (new)! *mwuahs Andred Qinan*
Fox mitten (on hot chocolate display): .Atomic. @ The Arcade - {Gacha} Critter Comfort - Red Fox Mittens (new)!
Jam jars: Lark @ The Arcade (past round) - Preserves *mwuahs Sienia Trevellion*
Honey: Lark @ The Arcade (past round) - Honey *mwuahs Sienia Trevellion*
Nuts & sprinkles: 8f8 @ The Arcade (past round) - 14. Ice Cream Delicious Toppings *mwuahs iBi*
Pink swirled ice cream: 8f8 @ The Arcade (past round) - 24. Strawberry Swirl Dessert *mwuahs iBi*
Chocolate bar on top of pink ice cream: RC - Nice-N-Thick Chocolate Bar (creator Redd Columbia) - previously free
Cookie on top of ice cream: Chocolate Chip cookie (creator Bonadea Avedon) - previously free
Whisk (on sprinkles bowl): Stray Pig - [SP]whisk (creator Yonyon Yip) - previously free
Faceted vases w/ palm frond: [ARIA] - Blanche vases group - Love To Decorate group gift - free
Mixed colorful bouquet in faceted vase:  The Secret Store @ The Arcade (past round) - Wild Flowers - Bouquet/Mixed Flowers *mwuahs Maylee Oh*
Daises bouquet in faceted vase: The Secret Store @ The Arcade (past round) - Wild Flowers - Bouquet/Daisies *mwuahs Maylee Oh*
Single white vase w/ purple flowers:  The Secret Store @ The Arcade (past round) - Wild Flowers - Dwarf Periwinkle *mwuahs Maylee Oh* Bowl of melted chocolate: TRIAD Chocolate/Cooking*(Spatula (creator Izumi Homewood) - previously free
Chocolate-dipped wooden spatula: TRIAD Chocolate/Eat!Eat!!Eat!!!(Bowl (creator Izumi Homewood) - previously free
Chocolate milkshake: Milkshake Chocolate (creator Caroline Planer) - previously free
Chocolate creature: :::Last Ride::: TANUKI cake [chocolate] (creator Kagemaru McMahon) - previously free
Strawberry creature: :::Last Ride::: TANUKI cake [strawberry] (creator Kagemaru McMahon) - previously free
Waffle maker: Reek - Waffle Maker (creator Riq Graves) - previously free
Coffee table: HIDEKI - Coffee Table (creator Hideki Carami