Mar 26, 2011

Sunny Spring

The Unknown Hunt (named after the concept of discovering new stores) will offer some nice goodies when it kicks off on April 1, so I wanted to show y'all a sneak peek. This free springtime floral "belt" skirt by Y&R + free sunny T-shirt by Chokoreeto will both be gifties on this hunt, which I paired with some $1L Paper Couture tights, free earrings, free fishbone charm bracelets + a free girlie purse by S@bbia. -- The free beer was for the chickie. Really.
I've fallen hard for this week's new "Sarita" style by Truth. With a long braided piece in the front + a fluttery half-pony to the side, this charmingly messy style practically screams Springtime! Oh, and "Lemme put this here free butterfly on mah nose."
Gavin + I stopped by itutu last nite, where we snagged some free watermelons. Btw if you haven't yet been to Tee*fy creator Azure Electricteeth's new store LaViere, she's giving away a 3-color socks pack for free (I'm wearing her "Eggplant" color here).
I also snagged some housewares I hadn't seen before: a $10L set of dutch ovens (2 prims each!) + these cute $10L salt & pepper shakers (1 prim each). The marmalade can + marshmallows are free oldies but goodies, also courtesy of the cafe.
Speaking of yummies, Gavin found this pretty sushi plates set, complete with chopsticks, a small sake cup + several varieties (mmm salmon). *gobbles them all + refuses to share*
For us home decor frugralistas, there's more furniture gifts on The Unknown Hunt too, like this free chaise lounge, rug & lamp set by Blackbird + a free standing birdhouse by La Flat. And in case you haven't scooped it yet, this pretty free floral skybox is the current group gift at DPYumYum (check in Notices).
*Mwuahs* to mah girl Evelyn Hartshon for organizing a cute hunt for us all to enjoy. I'm off to enjoy the sunshine myself. Sunny Spring love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who always luhs the start of the month)


*NOTE: The Unknown Hunt kicks off on April 1; see a list of participating stores + hints list on the hunt blog here.

1st picture:
Top: Chokoreeto - Spring dessert - TUHS #35 - The Unknown Hunt prize - free (starting April 1) *mwuahs Steffany Forcella*
Skirt: Y&R - TUHS hunt gift *spring is pure* dress - TUHS #12 - The Unknown Hunt prize - free (starting April 1) *mwuahs Ruru Brentley*
Necklace: la ti da @ Marketplace - catch a dream necklace (short) - $25L (starting April 1) *mwuahs Judyboose Flux*
Tights: Paper Couture - p.c; Dark Tights - Yellow Flowers -
Earrings: A:S:S - Shoya earrings - buy signs on small table near couch for
$0L (NOTE: these are not sculpty, but still fun!) - free
Bracelets: CentoPallini @ Imagine Plus - Gift For Ladies : Fish Bone & Crab Claw Bracelets x Ladies - buy box near landing point for
$0L - free
Beer (in purse): Tiki Tattoo @ Kumquat - "Conono" Beer - touch cooler on beach -
Purse: S@bbia - dot bag - lucky board prize (join group for
$0L to touch 2 boards) - free
Yellow chickie (on head): Kue - [KUE!] lil Chickeechickchick -
$0L daily gatcha - free
Brown Peeps bunnie: Kue - [KUE!] Bunny Peep Straight Spotbrown
Brown hair: Clawtooth - True Betty - Uptown brown
Gloves: Zeerys - Half Glove [] White Stripe Sun
Ring: Elate - Sunny Rose Ring
Glasses: Glamorize - .:Glamorize:. Glasses - Pink Plastic
Converse: Hoorenbeek - All Star - Low Top Used - Purple
Skin: Tres Blah - tb- {Light} Space Mod - Dark Winged Brows
Pose: Olive Juice

2nd picture:
Blonde hair: Truth - Sarita - champagne (new!) *mwuahs Truth Hawks*
Butterfly: A:S:S - Le Papillion Noir (nose) - buy signs on small table near couch for $0L (NOTE: these are not sculpty, but still fun!) - free
Pose: Schon

3rd picture:
Watermelon (on head & slice in hand): DPYumYum @ Cafe Itutu - suika(wear) & suika (click the watermelon display for both) - free
Socks: LaViere - LaViere- Basic Mid Calf Socks White (included in -LaViere- Opening Gift) - buy gift bag on counter for $0L - free
Lace-up boots: Hoorenbeek - Alberta Boots - Wheat

4th picture:
Salt & pepper shakers: DPYumYum @ Cafe Itutu - (iTuTu)salt & (iTuTu)pepper
Panda toasters: HANAUTA - Panda Toaster =Orange= & Panda Toaster =Green= (creator
Hana Melnik)
Cast iron square pan w/ egg: Alhanbra Collection @ Mont St Michel - Frying pan-B
(creator Alhambra Noel)
Chocolate bowls w/ chocolatey wooden spatulas: Triad Town Chocolate Factory (now closed) - TRIAD Chocolate/Eat!Eat!!Eat!!!(Bowl) & TRIAD Chocolate/Cooking*(Spatula) -
previously free (creator Izumi Homewood)
Dutch ovens: itutu - (iTuTu) enamel pans - (buy off shelf) -
Marmalade can: itutu - (iTuTu) marmalade can - (buy off shelf) -
Marshmallows: itutu - (iTuTu) marshmallow for fingers (buy on counter; *NOTE: click around, not all are $0L; also more $10L marshmallow cups too in the display facing front) - free

5th picture:
Sushi: SHAPping - .::SHAPping::.Sushi set with Sake -

6th picture:
Skybox: DPYumYum - **DP**yumyum:Bedroom(GIFT) - group gift (join Double Paradox group for
$0L; check in Notices) - free
Chaise lounge, lamp & rug: Blackbird - Unknown Hunt Spring Gift - The Unknown Hunt prize -
free (starting April 1)
Birdhouse: La Flat - Urban Spring Birdhouse - The Unknown Hunt prize -
free (starting April 1)