Mar 10, 2011

A Primable Feast

This post is dedicated to our lovely reader Su who requested more home decor posts. I so defer to Ms. Journey in this department; until then, here's a li'l peek at Gavin + I's new place, which I've been having Martha Stewart fun (+ prim hog angst) decorating.
A peek at our back wall "scene," where we can nap outside. To maximize item crammage, nearly everything is low prim; this free paint can, for example, hearkens from LP2 -- 1 of the nicest low prim furniture stores around.
Speaking of low prim, these giant aquariums (which are mod; I stretched 'em here) are a prim count steal at 4 prims each: featuring tiny animated fish + bubbles, they're such a great way to fill a large-ish wall space. These recessed lights rank among my fave things too; unfortunately I can't give you a shop name, but they were created by our own Rene Caerndow. *mwuahs Rene*
Gavin also found these awes mod 1-prim light beams, inspiring this sunny corner where my fave giraffe, The Little Prince + some strawberry canisters happily live. The lamp + rug are still free by Nordari; nearly all the outdoor prettiness (which you can kinda see thru the windows) hails from Alirium. -- See how Gavin spilled his free ice cream on the carpet? Messy!
Here's our work table, i.e., laid out for when we get les munchies. Nearly everything on this table is free: the baked goods come from 1 of the loveliest bakeries I've seen, located in the dreamy Roche SIM (with a quaint baking room in back); grab a free tray + free animated tongs to help yourself.

Sometimes all you need is some strawberry toast jam, a Coke + some peace & quiet.
These home decor posts are a b**tch to credit & SLurl, so I'm gonna close out the pics here. Huge *mwuahs* to our SLexy Bloggerista Journey Lorakeet for the inspiration + a warm fuzzie hug to our reader Su for making the post request ^^

Martha Stewart love + fashionista kisses to all!


Teshan2222 Wycliffe
(who actually met Ms. Martha at a gala + had no idea that she's such an Amazon! Damn, that lady's tall!)

PS. If you can't find something, for the love of God please consider using Search (either in-world or on a larger syndication feed like iheartsl). Or IM Gavin McGinnis! hehe

Sleeping bags picture:
Sleeping bags:
Reek - Sleeping Bag - I Heart Nap and Food Coma
Light string: No. 3 Feather - *+N3F+* Stone ornament (store closed; creator Sachiyo Noel)
Jumping animation tire (Gavin is using):
No. 3 Feather - *+N3F+* Stone ornament (store closed; creator Sachiyo Noel)
Fence: Glitterati - Fence (*NOTE: this store always has tons of free poses + free pose props; shown here without the pose) - free
Paint can w/ paint brush: LP2 - ++LP2++ Paint Can Red (more gifts here) - free (creator Yasuki Beck)
Firefly rock:
Creative Fantasy - Julia's Firefly Rock (add Fire fly sparkle to your landscape!) - free (I think I found this by clicking on it in the landscape)
Steamy apple pie: Poche @ 49L $ BUZZURL!! - apple pie (another apple tart included) - $49L sale (creator Miyu Adder)

Aquariums picture:
Aquariums: Shop NN - *NN* Wall Aquarium (on left) and *NN* Wall Aquarium 3 (on right) - 4 prims each, including animated fish! (*NOTE: these were lucky board prizes I believe; however everything here is super cheap; check creator Naonao Watanabe for other locations too) -
previously free
Wine tray: NotSoBad: .:NsB:. BORDEAUX Tray - Christmas gift by NOTsoBAD (copy) - previously free
Retro silver lamp (w/ light): PopArt - ::PopArt:: Pallermo Lamp (*NOTE: tons of cheapies here!) - $1L
Super furry textured rug: REJUDOR - ++FUR RUG B++
Chandelier: Null - null_chandelier_2009_small (store closed; creator Daaii Jinn) - previously free
Pink sitting pouffe: LP2 - ++LP2++ Large stool Pink
Pink beads plant:
Nocc. - [[[nocc.]]] glass beads plants_pink

Sunny giraffe corner picture:
White vase w/ orange flower (on windowsill): Nocc. - [[[nocc.]]] Gerbera orange /// Opening gift! - free
Rug: Nordari - goldie. (included in ruggies. - buy off freebies wall for $0L) - free
Hanging lamps: Nordari - recycling.lamp - dotty. (buy off freebies wall for $0L) - free
Spilled ice cream: BP @ Drowsy - Drowsy special ice cream/mix (click on ice cream stand in town to get this + more flavors for $0L; many more secret gifts here if you explore) - free
Saddle stool: Reek - Saddle Stool - Natural Wood - former $50L Fridays - previously $50L
Giraffe: Sassafras - Sleep Pal- Giraffee-Yellow Retro
Strawberry canisters (set of 3) - Melia - "MELIA" enamel canisters [strawberry]
Lemon slices foot bath w/ towel:
BP - Foot Bath - prior group gift - previously free
Framed painting: The Loft- (LP)- Floor Frame (Texture Change) - previously free (store closed; creator Miabella Foxley)

Munchies table picture:

Bread tray: Misaki Bakery - bread tray pose (L hand) (*NOTE: click around here; you can "Buy" 1 of every baked good + more freebies for $0L) - free
Cinnamon roll: Misaki Bakery - CinnamonRoll -
Bread w/ tongs: Misaki Bakery - tongs (R hand) -
Jam w/ spoon: Misaki Bakery - strawberry jam open p (included in brown bag labeled " paperbag jam toast set") -
Mini frosted berry cake w/ fork: Melia - "MELIA" kouglof plate (click on cake in glass server to get one w/ eating animation + fork for
$0L) - free
Pink cupcake w/ cherry on top: Hiruneya - cupcake-eating (buy cupcakes for
$0L; 4 flavors total) - free
Golden-rimmed plates: MMGraffiti's - Soup plate(6)_2prim -
White plates: MMGraffiti's - *~MMG's~* Round plate(3)_1prim -
Cupcake cookie: Kue - [KUE!] Cupcake Cookie Pink - $0L daily gatcha -
Preztel: Kue - [KUE!] Pretzel Salted
Green egg & ham w/ tiny serving fork: :::[Famish]::: Green Eggs & Ham for your mouth! /W Fork - NS -
previously free (store closed; creator Whisper Despres)
Strawberry mouse cup: Poche @ 49L $ BUZZURL!! - Strawberry mousse (set of 3 flavors included) -
$49L (*NOTE: this was a limited time sale that was scheduled to end March 7; look on Poche store creator Miyu Adder's profile Picks for store location)
Steamy apple pie: Poche @ 49L $ BUZZURL!! - apple pie (another apple tart included) -
$49L sale (creator Miyu Adder; see note for item above)
Rolling pin: Companhia do Pao - *cariocca* RollingPin - wer-me (click around; nearly everything is
$0L here) - free
Blue mini flowerpot w/ sparkly candle wick: Picnic - Picnic flowerpot - mint & candle wick (buy sign near entrance for
$0L; set of 4 mini-planters included) - free
Cheese: Picnic - Picnic cheese - emmental [cut]
Green bottles, napkins & mini cheese snacks: Post - POST / Brennivin og Hakarl (click to Buy for $0L) -
Hot cocoa mug w/ bears: Eclectic Randomness - ER Bear Mug 2009 - Cocoa (wear me) - buy in freebies corner for
$0L - free
Roses planter: iTuTu - (iTuTu) planter-06-s

Windowsill snack picture:

Coke bottle:
Companhia do Pao - free
Jam toast: Misaki Bakery - strawberry jam toast (included in brown bag labeled " paperbag jam toast set") - free