Mar 24, 2011

For The Strength To Dream

I've been seeing the art installation at Imagine Plus "For The Strength To Dream" (damn, how I love that title) all over Flickr + have been meaning to check it out. It's impossible to describe the sheer grandeur of this massive build: the structures are enormous, and there's a feeling of post-apocalyptic devastation + raw mechanized power sweeping throughout.
From eerily transparent sharks gliding menacingly through dead trees (with transparent capillaries + internal bomb-like piston "organs" showing in full view) to robotic dinosaur skeletons gleaming with shiny gearshifts and bony fingers, this exhibit really feels like somebody swiped the canvas of their imagination, but good.
It always tickles me that creators will painstakingly take the time to create something so extraordinary, just in the hopes that others will enjoy it. Virtual as they may be, there's nothing quite like SL for being able to zoom around these striking builds + experiencing them up close.
On a less artsy fartsy note, I discovered this free "panda ride" atop a solitary (and rather grandiose) temple rooftop in Kowloon.
You can actually purchase these rides to have in your own home, but for those of us who can't indulge the 25+ prim count, you can grab a li'l quality zoom zoom time here.
Of course for some people, even a cute animal ride just isn't quite enough to bring a smile to their face. *giggles*
Finally, I would like to dedicate this post to our SLexy Bloggerista family who are goin' thru a tough time right now (here's hopin' these images might distract you from RL, at least for a little bit). We luhs u + are thinking of you!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

The free panda rides are located at Kowloon rooftop here (creator Magnum Yoshikawa); the art installation "For The Strength To Dream" is located at Imagine Plus here. Go, experience, play + imagine!